Run With Greg

Pre-run protein shake mmmm … One of my favorite “finds” since moving to San Diego has been the Run With Greg group (their website may be janky, but this group rules). RWG is comprised of elite marathoners, ultra marathoners and triathletes, advanced runners and everyone in between including people who are just starting to get … More Run With Greg

I am a Heat Baby

I love hot hot hot summer weather. It’s been in the mid to high 90’s in Chico and I am totally diggin’ it. Going to bed in the heat is a little brutal but everything else is fabulous– especially my non self tanner enhanced tan! PhilBill and I are running the America’s Finest City Half-Marathon … More I am a Heat Baby

Catching Up

Thursday morning run. The classic UCSD bathroom picture. Thursday morning we did our normal 6mi run, it was so misty that we practically had rain, I am so ready for summer. We skipped our cardio strength because I had a big presentation at work and wanted ample time to get ready and be on time. … More Catching Up

Mini Desserts!!!

I don’t know about you all, but for me it was a Whole Foods for dinner kind of day. I know that Whole Foods is ridiculously expensive, but here in LJ there are people who straight up buy whole baskets of groceries… I don’t even understand. I don’t buy much from Whole Paycheck other than … More Mini Desserts!!!