I could eat 100…

Orange cream/coconut/vanilla ice cream bars… for realll. To recap… Last weekend P-Prefontaine and I ran our long run for the week: Sunday: 13.7 miles, moderate pace, trail and pavement, hot hot hot, no music, some hills.  We did a nice loop through a park on pavement, up into the hills on dirt, stopped for some … More I could eat 100…

Hawt and Shweaty

Back in Northern California. You would think with how often we are up here, that we enjoy the 10 hour drive or something… not so much. I do however love summer VayCays :). Running in the heat has been pretty brutal. Thursday Workout: 60 min run, good pace, HOT, lots of water, no music. Friday … More Hawt and Shweaty

Will Run for FroYo.

Workout Sunday: 15 mile run (WOOHOO!!!) slow pace (really, really, really effing slow at the end) Yesterday P and I decided to get serious about our marathon training and try for a 15 mile run, at an easy pace. We are comfortable with 10-12 miles but that is where my body starts to think it’s … More Will Run for FroYo.


Workout: 65min run, easy pace-tired. Jillian Michaels 30 day shred Level 3, no music After being a beezy yesterday I woke up feeling much better today. The drama queen is giving it a rest ;-). We ran through La Jolla Farms today, which is the neighborhood next to ours, only ridiculously nice. Here are some … More Dramaqueen=me

I am a Sock Diva

Workout: 56min run 6.4mph. From our house to Barnes and Noble to Golden Spoon to home. No music, me and Phil, brisk pace hills and flats. Why would we run to Barnes and Noble you ask?!?! Well, because my boyfriend is an uber nerd. The newest book of a series he likes came out today, … More I am a Sock Diva

Power Outfit #2

Workout: Jillian Michaels Levels 1, 2 and some of 3. Then I got bored and just did random cardio until I hit 600cals burned. I was having a hard time working out this morning, could be that it was 5:15am and I had gone to bed a bit late, could be that not having Phil … More Power Outfit #2