Farmer’s Market and Attack of the SuperGerm

Saturday was amazing so subsequently I felt like I was ready to conquer the world :)!

Sunday started out pretty decent. I even made homemade, from scratch French Toast for Phil.

Originally I wanted to bike ride to the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market on Sunday which would have been about 30 miles round trip and also involve a mid ride stop at my favorite Farmer’s Market, guilt free lemon bars from my favorite vendor and  sandwiches at Which Wich! Of course, I woke up with an all too familiar stomach ache. Maybe it was the Sangria or the veryyy salty foods I ate the day before or possibly because I had 4 different products with artificial sugar (Mother effer that stuff sneaks its way into everything). Who knows, but I realized that maybe an afternoon run would be more fun, after I had a chance to settle my stomach and whatnot.

Sidestory: I have an amazing friend, Jonathan, who I went to college with. He says that we all have an alter-ego, fat kid living inside of us and that when you binge on Woodstock’s Pizza at 2am or eat a whole box of mac and cheese that you made with vanilla soy milk and olive oil (true story), that it wasn’t you– it was your fat kid. He also says that you need to give your fat kid a name… all my Chico friends reading this are probably laughing and remembering their fat kid names… awwww yeah. Mine is Godzirra… as in the GIANT monster that knocked down buildings in the old black and whites. Godzirra can’t even say Godzilla because his mouth is always too full of food. GODZIRRAAAAA. I thought that I had beaten the beast into submission and domesticated him on a diet of natural foods… I don’t know, I think this stomach problem is Godzirra being pissed that he doesn’t get burritos and crap anymore… you can never win.



The Hillcrest Farmer’s Market is super fun and I LOVE that there is a vendor there that sells No Sugar Added jams that are just pureed fruit and pectin pretty much, eff you sucralose, and a “Guilt Free Desserts” vendor that sells gluten-free, sugar-free etc. delights! They make a lemon bar that is, no joke, 50 calories. They do use Erythritol, a sugar alcohol… which I just found out yesterday, which totally broke my heart but I will probably try and recreate my own version at some point! That was PITA (pain in the ass) moment number one yesterday. PITA moment #2 was that I was still feeling like ass, and had no appetite… PITA moment #3 was when we went to Which Wich and they totes screw up BOTH mine and Phil’s sandos…

We left the FM to go running and I tried to do the good girlfriend, “Oh babe, you pick where we run”. P decided that Mission Trails was his destination of choice and we set off. I hate dirt, I mean really hate it. I especially hate dirt when I am not having the prettiest of days, and I will admit that ever since this refeed phase I came off of I have felt like Fatty Fatty 2×4. It probably has more to do with adverse reactions to foods that I ate making me bloat, the obscene amount of salt on our anniversary, and the fact that the last 2 weeks of workouts have been totally weenie hut jr. Seriously though, I get so tangled up and frustrated when I am out in nature that I have realized that it is only a place I should venture when feeling in tip top mental health, so not often.

Needless to say, Phil took me to run up a hill… that we tried to run up last summer, when I was still eating far too little to really run.*sigh* boys… so forgetful. All of the old emotions came back and that, on top of how crappy I was physically feeling, made me crap out after like 2 miles. sad. One day I really want to climb that hill, I know I can. I run up and down the Torrey Pines hills and the La Jolla Shores hill with no problem. It’s such a mental game. Needless to say I spent the better part of 2 hours thinking of ways to save up for liposuction rather than run one more step of that trail, and pouting before I realized I don’t want to look like this  but rather this. ok ok I know my monster calves will never be that skinny…

Nothing but hard work is going to get me across the finish line after 26.2 miles.

I was exhausted, so I went home and ate a Chobani pineapple, and some tofu stir fry before passing out like I had run 15 miles. I think I was just over tired like my nephew Ash gets sometimes…He looks like he could use a nap too, no?

I finished yesterday right about maintenance, calorie-wise, so I called it and decided that I would finish out the rest of June as strong as I can and start July with a WINNING attitude, that even Charlie Sheen (the MaSHEEN?) can’t handle. I’ve always loved July so I have good feelings about this.

Tonight I will be doing an evening workout after dinner. P-Love is making me homemade turkey burgers protein style and butternut squash fries. Pretty much my favorite summertime dinner, and then we will be running 7 miles and doing cardio strength. I have a mountain of laundry calling my name to be put away… ugh. Update, 7 miles through La Jolla, 1:15, no cardio strength… laundry put away 😉 those shotbloks really saved the day ❤ ❤ ❤ them


I will run my way into these size 25 William Rast jeans!!!


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