Run With Greg

Pre-run protein shake mmmm …

One of my favorite “finds” since moving to San Diego has been the Run With Greg group (their website may be janky, but this group rules). RWG is comprised of elite marathoners, ultra marathoners and triathletes, advanced runners and everyone in between including people who are just starting to get into the sport. Young, old, men, women, everyone runs and the rule is that no one gets left behind. It’s pretty neat. The faster runners take off in their own pack and for the most part the rest of the group stays together, although sometimes we break into 3-4 groups to gossip, tempo train or whatever. Tuesdays and Thursdays we run through Balboa Park, it’s a great way to decompress after work, even though I usually hate working out in the evening. My coworker Jeff told me about the group and I try to make it out at least once a month or so. RWG runs at a faster clip than I do on my easy runs so I love the extra challenge.

I’m doing really well with lowering my carb intake. I was eating over 300g of carbs daily, which is ridic even for like, effing Michael Phelps. I just love carbs. I never, ever thought I would be able to get my intake down below 250, but I have a fairly easy time keeping it between 150-200g a day when I am eating my own food, and around 250 or lower when I go out to eat at some point during the day. I pretty much cut grains out because they make me feel like ass, with the exception of a random bowl of oats or a vitatop here and there. My B-fasts consist of glorious omelets that Chef P makes for me using a combination of whole eggs and egg whites and I snack on yogurt, almonds and tofu 🙂 It seems to be working, I don’t have the stomach discomfort as long as I listen to my body and eat a diet rich in fat, protein, fruits, veggies and chocolate. Don’t worry nay sayers, this isn’t a low carb diet, low carbers would laugh me out of their club… I don’t know how they do it. I’m still diligently logging my calories on MyFitnessPal (2 years strong in May), and monitoring my sodium and carbs.

Seriously, what marathoner has legs this skinny… lame model.. lame – do some squats

It’s official, P and I will be running the Rock ‘N’ Roll Las Vegas in December. Training for a full marathon is going to be a whole new world and I am terrified/excited for it. I’ve decided that I want to wear a running skirt for the event. I used to think that it was ridiculous to run in a skirt, but provided I can find one that looks cute on me, I will be trotting those 26.2 repping my girly outfit. Maybe, I will even chick someone… booya! I think we are going to stay at the Luxor, it’s decently cheap and so close to the start. The highlight of the weekend other than owning my first marathon is going to be the Urban Running Bloggers Summit! I mostly just want to hang out and meet my favorite bloggers.


We’ll see if I can make this happen

P-Money and I are headed back up to Chico this weekend to get the car (this raccoon incident has really derailed my plans!), it’s his birthdayyyy on Friday so we will deffo be spending at least one night out celebrating, which for us old people means a nice dinner and drinks with friends where I nurse one drink through the whole meal, and then possibly some dancing. His anniversary present was supposed to be a furry, feline addition to our family but we have to wait until we are done with out road  trips to get a  little meowzers, and his birthday was supposed to involve this amazing Wall-E cake (we both LURVVVV Wall-E). Wall-E the cake takes 19 steps and 5 hours to decorate… JEEZUS. My plan is to make this puppy and start the decorating tomorrow, finish it on Thursday and somehow transport it with us to Chico on Friday, then eat it on Saturday… hopefully it still tastes good. This is true love, people.

First thing I learned, be careful with hot liquids!

Speaking of true love, P knows of my love for all  things reusable. I love using straws, but hate that you have to throw them away, so he found these puppies. They RULE 🙂

Tomorrow I only have to work a half day and then it’s off to the ball game. We are headed to a Padre’s Game for our work retreat, I’m stoked to not wear business clothes for a day AND the possibility of working on my tan. I don’t know much more than just the general rules of baseball and I typically find it pretty boring, but I enjoy being out and about and watching any sport live is always more fun. I would much rather be at an LA Galaxy game for a work retreat though, just sayin’. Watching Galaxy is similar to watching your high school boys JV team, but it’s still the beautiful game and my sport  of choice. BTW I will be packing my lunch and snacks for the game b/c I hate stadium food. I really do enjoy the taste of healthy food, seriously

Run with Greg Group: 55min of running, felt tired, 5.6 miles

After RWG P and I were starved. We decided on Whole Foods after I was grumpy for 20 min, and spent $30 on mediocre food, lame, I should have come home and let him Naked Chef up our kitchen and make me a dinner that would have tasted 10x better.

I nomed down a tofu spring roll, Siggi icelandic yogurt stuff, and 2 mini tarts (don’t judge me you all know how I love mini desserts) This put me at a net of 1200 something today which is just fine with me as all of my macro nutrients were in order.

I’m thinking of running a quick 30min speed workout in the morning and doing 3o min of strength and then another 30 min speed workout when I get home… That would take dedication, but I need to get out of this slump and start improving my pace again!


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