Phil and I met during my freshman year of college. He was working on his Master’s and I was a baby bird who was enjoying my first year away from home and all of the shenanigans that come with your first year of college. We were at totally different stages of our lives. Phil drank beer and wore Nietzsche t-shirts. I hid bottles of champagne under my bed, and wore shirts that showed my black bra straps… classy.

I was totally taken by him, this tall, smart, handsome soccer playing man. We dated for a few months and then went  our separate ways. Phil went to London and then San Diego to work on his Phd and I stayed in Chico to finish my bachelors. I was heartbroken for a ridiculously long time, and we didn’t really speak much over the next few years. As you can see I was working really hard to get my degree.

I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of my time at Chico State, but I never could quite connect with the happiness I had felt that first Spring/Summer. I chalked it up to “growing up” and assumed that I has just grown out of my youthful, bright-eyed optimism.

In the funny way that life does, P came back into my life in 2010 as I was finished up school. He’s been around ever since. ❤

Aw barforama 🙂

Phil likes:


Climbing mountains

Bangers and mash

Fulham FFC (but not as much as he loves MUFC), US Soccer actually just all soccer

Classic corvettes

Planes and sailboats

Battlestar Galactica…. we watched the whole show… every season- he so owes me

Northern California

Phil does NOT like:

Sand on his feet

Apple products… yet

Holding babies

Coffee, but I always make him try because I assume that he has just always tasted really bad coffee… like a million times

The way apple skin gets stuck in your teeth

Peeling oranges, so I bought him this!


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