Sangria and Wicked Workouts


It took me two days to feel like a human being again after P and I shmobbed back to SD in an all day marathon. Apparently sleeping for 15 min intervals doesn’t really cut it. I zombied through work on Thursday and Friday and took both those days off from working out. I really wanted to get out and run on Friday, but I felt like I had cemented my feet into buckets, a la Sopranos style. Rest was fo sho needed.

Yesterday P-Money and I rode our bikes the 15min to Torrey Pines and ran every open trail in the reserve. We had never ventured far off of the pavement that runs through the reserve and down to the beach, so the abundance of trails and sheer beauty of the park was an amazing treat. One of the things I love about San Diego is the park system. Even though it’s a city of 1.3 million, every part of the city has huge stretches of undeveloped land or beautiful parks. It makes running, biking, hiking and walking fun and it’s always easy to switch up your location.  (Workout notes: 2 hours of workout time, 1400 calories burned Bike+Run+Jillian Michaels)

While we were up north out workouts were much lighter. 40 min jogs and 25min circuits with Steve, still ass kickers especially with the heat, but nothing too endurance related. I was happy to move my ass for over 2 hours yesterday.

1 year anniversary celebrations happened yesterday as well. Initially we thought about cooking but after a workout like that, all I wanted to do was relax and have people bring me things. The USA was playing Mexico in the Gold Cup Final, so we were muy happy when we walked into Whisknladle for drinks and appetizers and saw the game on. I cozied up into the corner of the big leather sectional in the bar and proceeded to inhale a sangria. Sangria + dehydration + negative net calories = Drunken Ashley, I was a happy, giggly mess. Notice my blurry picture of new shoes… I thought everyone should see how cute they are, and my drinking water straight from the milk jug… classy, no? Whisknladle is amazing–It’s a restaurant in La Jolla Village that specializes in using local and organic food as much as possible. Everything is high quality, delicious and well made. We ordered a sautéed shrimp appetizer and the artisan meet and cheese platter. Phil was totally grossed out by the beef tongue, wimp. I made him eat most of it anyway, and gaffled all of the fancy pickles for myself. sucker.

P had approximately 2 billion calories to eat if he wanted to meet his goal so we wrapped up our drinks and appetizers and headed to grab some sushi around the corner. The sushi was great, and I sobered up… thankfully.


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