From Chico to Gilroy to San Diego in a Day.






City Hall 

CSU Chico Sign

Our last day in Chico was Wednesday. P and I were thinking about staying for the whole week if the car would have been done on Friday, but it looks like little Yaris won’t be done until late next week at the earliest. Responsibility (what’s that?!) kicked in and I contacted work to let them know we would trek across the entire state of California, by bus, train, borrowed car and foot and I would be back at work on Thursday for sure. I gave myself a little pat on the back for this effort (Hey, someone had to).











The Yaris owns this truck in gas mileage 😡

Before we left, Phil and I met up with a couple of his friends downtown. It was almost sunset and still 100F so I was roasting. Steve brought ice cream for him and Phil and attempted to break my resolve and get me to eat it. I eat ice cream, I just try not to unless I’ve earned it via working out (with the exception of those amazing binge days we all have, right? everyone has those right?) .














Needless to say, Steve lost. muahaha.

P and I headed to Tres Hombres for lunch. They recently added a patio which is amazing, and the food is even better than I remember.























After eating my body weight in Ceviche and Coconut Shrimp, a walk on Chico State’s campus was in order. The classic pictures have to be taken every time…









The following morning we wrapped up the trip over breakfast with Phil’s mom and Step-Dad. They were truly amazing, they fed us, gave us a place to stay, picked us up from the car dealership at 3am after the raccoon incident and helped make this vacation one of the most enjoyable trips of my life, no joke. I can’t wait to get back and spend some more time with them.

I missed Father’s Day with my dad which really tore me up inside, so Phil and I planned a stop in Gilroy, where my dad resides in his garlicky  splendor. I brought him some goodies from the Sierra Nevada Brewery, headquartered in Chico,  along with a couple of books and some Abba Zabba bars.









We went out to dinner at the Westside Grill which is seriously good, especially for Gilroy. My dad was stoked to see us, especially me (duh!), and I was SO happy to see him. P and I are planning a return to Northern California in the coming weeks if both of us can swing it. My Dad was amazing at dinner and cracked totally cheesy jokes about the menu, and prices. This is the same man who turned his nose up at a restaurant on my birthday when his water had cucumber in it, “Because that’s just weird”. I love him.









Back at work today. We got in at 3:30am last night and up again at 7:00am this morning so this is what I look like at work today. Cute huh? Barf.









How could you not love a face like this?!

Phil and I picked an arbitrary day for our anniversary and that day is tomorrow. We thought a June anniversary would be nice, not too close to Valentine’s Day, my birthday or half birthday and we went to a Counting Crows concert a million years ago on June 24, so tomorrow is going to be a happy low-key celebration of how much we rock. I don’t want to eat out again for a week so I think it will be dinner and wine at home. Oh, and presents. Presents will be involved in the days to come, as well as desserts, because really we make our anniversary a week-long event.


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