I am a Heat Baby

I love hot hot hot summer weather. It’s been in the mid to high 90’s in Chico and I am totally diggin’ it. Going to bed in the heat is a little brutal but everything else is fabulous– especially my non self tanner enhanced tan!

PhilBill and I are running the America’s Finest City Half-Marathon in August so I am happy to say that even while on vacation our running hasn’t taken too much of a backseat. We are still hitting about 6 miles a day, we’ll catch up on our long runs this coming weekend. Our strength training is deffo lacking, maybe carrying shopping bags around will count– time to go buy new stuff. Oh, wait, I forgot to mention I packed 7 pairs of shoes… and 4 purses, I have a problem…

Happy Father’s Day!!!

My dad rules, I know I know, most girls will say this about pops. Seriously though, my dad rules. I have vivid memories of my dad teaching me life lessons when I was younggggg. He was blessed cursed with 3 girls and no boys. I am the youngest and I was also probably the most difficult child to raise. I was hyper like a tazmanian devil on PCP. My mom was busy telling me that I was allergic to Kool-Aid in an effort to keep sugar out of my little, crazy body. Yet, my dad maneuvered my antics like Jeff Gordon navigates a left turn. He calmly taught me how to handle myself in a way that doesn’t drive people crazy (as often), and lessons like how other people are more important that your tiny speck of a life, so do some good.

To all those wonderful dads out there who deserve it, enjoy your Father’s Day. xoxo

PS my dad got me this awesome vase. He has the perfect ability to pick out fabulous clothes/accessories and gifts for us girls even though we have totally different styles. He indulges my love for modern decor and glass works ❤ thanks pops, for being the best role model ever and everything else.

My love Mason Winter 2005 ❤

My dad also loves dogs, which may be why I am such a sucker for any kind of pup. I want a dog. Most 23 year olds are picking up tiny baby shoes and cooing; oh no, I pick up dog collars and make doe-eyes at Phil. I know that a dog isn’t likely for another few more years, as we need to save up for a doggie college fund/live somewhere that allows dogs, but I really, honestly cannot wait. I’m still deciding between a miniature Schnauzer and a bigger dog that can run with P and I.

Yesterday, we wrapped up with a nice 5.6 mile jog at a 6.something mph pace which was a solid burn. We ran through Bidwell Park, a huge municipal park set aside for the city by the founder’s of Chico like 100 years ago. Bidwell park is amazing, the upper portion is undeveloped with trails for biking and running and a multitude of swimming holes. Lower park is filled with paved and unpaved trails, picnic areas, lawns, sports fields and a giant natural swimming pool. Throughout the whole park there are 100+ year old oaks and elms etc. which makes for both killer shade and beautiful scenery unlike anything else in California. Why? Because Gen. Bidwell brought something like 1500 saplings with him from the east coast when he came out to Chico and planted them. The result? Chico, Ca gets trees not normally found in the Golden State, oooh and bonus? During the fall the trees “turn” and it looks like you’re in Dover, NH instead of Northern California.

The Shasta climb is off. Sadly, between the group of friends who were supposed to come along not being super committed to trekking in the snow during the middle of summer and our car being in the shop etc. the climb had to be called off. My heart is breaking for Phil right now…

Today Phil and I knocked out 5 miles in the AM and will probably hit another 5 before the night is out.  We deffo didn’t do that.., I ate my face off instead… oh here come the self loathies, double day tomorrow.
















We did brunch with my two beautiful friends Ana and Lindsay and Phil’s crew. I always plan to take pictures of food, but then when it gets in front of me I just inhale it.









Here is a picture of Phil’s burger from Burgers and Brew yesterday. It wasn’t quite as good as BurgerLounge, but it was still pretty damn good. Not as good at the PBJ sandwich I ate tonight… or the two popsicles or the yogurt parfait… FML I need to get my Fat Kid under control and back at it tomorrow.

Long ass day, tomorrow should be brutal, in a good, going to give me a six pack and skinny calves kind of way. Maybe I will have Phil take pictures of me doing a savage workout, ’cause that’ll be cute. Happy Father’s Day again to all the Dads out there.

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