Listen and Learn

Thursday’s Workout: 20mile Bike Ride + abs/arms Friday’s Workout: 4mi easy run + Strength Training (-squats) I’ve been VERBOTEN from doing squats by everyone and their mother this week leading up to my trail race this weekend, and I’m trying to actually listen to people for once. It’s an exercise in patience and moderation, but … More Listen and Learn

No Rest For The Wicked, Therefore I’m a Saint <– Logic

Today’s Workout: REST I’m working on respecting my rest days, like actually taking a full day off once a week (or more if I need it) and not feeling guilty. I struggle with an assortment of health issues that tend to drain me more than the average person, I think, so rest becomes vitally important … More No Rest For The Wicked, Therefore I’m a Saint <– Logic

Do Or Die?

Today’s workouts: 4.5 mile run, 2.5 mile bike ride, 90min of yoga I’m refocusing. Trying to prioritize what’s healthy and eradicate what isn’t. I’ve changed a lot in the last year and I’m both proud of my accomplishments and humbled by how much work there is to be done. It’s almost time for me to … More Do Or Die?