Irvine Isn’t So Bad

**Thanks HRM *ChaCha you look great! Saturday was a Ragnar Meetup in Irvine to discuss the logistical craziness that goes along with coordinating 18 women, 6 volunteers, 3 drivers and 28+ hours of shweaty running. Forget being sponsored by LuLulemon, we need to be sponsored by FeBreze. I had only been to Irvine once, and … More Irvine Isn’t So Bad


My workouts have been boring to blog about but killer for me. Every day: 30-70 (more often 60) min on the bike + trainer  and Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 All of the Jillian Michaels workout vids that I have done are consistently 3 things: 1. A little cheesy and annoying (Hey JM, those kettlebells … More BIG NEWS!

What’s Up, 2012!?

Monday’s workout: 4 miles, painful. Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30. Our 10 days of family and friends to wrap up 2011 was really special. I’ve been MIA. It was intentional. I wanted to spend every last minute I could with everyone IRL. Now that I am back in San Diego (can someone tell me what … More What’s Up, 2012!?