New Hair, Doughnuts and Meet my Sister!!

My sister Laura named her son after me which pretty much makes her the coolest sister ever!! She also drove from Eastern Nevada to Chico, CA (8hr drive) to surprise me for my birthday one year…again she rules.

She is the taller, funnier, more caring version of me and if she had a blog mine would be totally worthless because she is an amazing writer as well. It’s really fun to watch her tackle life’s lovely little challenges like raising two kids and a husband. She is one of my 4 avid readers (okay 3), and sometimes it’s fun to let the world see the cool people in your life and be jealous. If anyone needs a good sister I will totally give you guys her Facebook and you can stalk her and ask her how she managed to survive in the same house as me for 18 years. So, to my sister Laura, I hope you enjoy reading and I LOVE YOU!!!

I made homemade baked doughnuts for Phil!!!

These little whole wheat puppies were delicious! I yoinked the recipe from the wonderful ladies at wearenotmartha, and baked them in my new doughnut pan. Phil likes maple glaze so they are whole wheat, baked doughnuts with a maple syrup, powdered sugar glaze. I was licking the glaze off of every surface of the kitchen… I know I know my love affair with sanitary cooking lasted for like 5 minutes.

This is a really crappy, low light picture of my new hair. Krissy at Detour Salon in Encinitas made me gorgeous let me just tell ya! I jumped on board and did the whole ombre thing and now I don’t have awkward lighter roots. Too bad I can’t wash my hair for 2 days and I sweat like nobody’s business during my morning workouts. Does anyone know of a good dry shampoo!?

I am exhausted after a big workout and such today and cannot wait to hit the sheets soon!

I’m participating in a June Miles challenge with some fitness buddies so I’ve got to keep pounding that pavement- oh yeah and there is the matter of burning off all of that maple glaze I ate…


3 thoughts on “New Hair, Doughnuts and Meet my Sister!!

  1. haha! You don’t HAVE to wait 2 days lol. It’s just better if you do. Helps the color last longer but seriously, wash that mop if needed. It won’t ruin it by any means 🙂

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