Mini Desserts!!!

I don’t know about you all, but for me it was a Whole Foods for dinner kind of day. I know that Whole Foods is ridiculously expensive, but here in LJ there are people who straight up buy whole baskets of groceries… I don’t even understand. I don’t buy much from Whole Paycheck other than Arctic Zero, and the occasional fancy cheese or something, and I usually try to swing by the grapes and “sample” at least 1lb to make me feel like I stuck it to the man. However, typically once a week Phil and I go for dinner in the deli, which is aptly named MRS. Gooch’s seriously wtf? I didn’t have much to eat at work today because I did lunch with a donor, so I was STARVING.

Yeah starving enough to eat my chopsticks, I don’t know why, but eating with chopsticks makes me feel super classy and amazing. The fork is so out people… You know what isn’t out? Stealing chopsticks from WF so that you don’t have to buy them, I call it cost offsetting.

I was still hungry after a whole bunch of tofu/veggies/roasted cauliflower… so I went to scope out the dessert case. I found the most AMAZING things ever.


I love things that are pint-sized like me!

MINI DESSERTS!!! The fruit tart was for me and the mini apple pie and eclair were for Phil. I was at a work function a few weeks ago that had mini tarts and I shamelessly ate like 6… they are adorable and delicious, what more can I ask for? I know what you are thinking people, “That tiny ass tart filled her up?!” No way… it was a palette cleanser, when I got home I got down with a Vitatop and some PB2 and a little greek yogurt. Win.

Awww he’s so awkward.

This month at WF if you “check in” on your phone, you get $3 off your custom sandwich and a free bag of popchips, so your lunch might cost you less than $20 woot!



Phil got us lost on our run today and we ended up in an elevator, therefore an awkward elevator ceiling picture was taken. No matter how often I wake up at 5am, I never seem to look any less puffy and sleepy.

Workout: 6.0 miles 1:00 + 30 min cardio strength (notice a pattern?) 5:15am

My workout was better today than yesterday. I was able to push it a little harder and get a better burn. I really want to start running at a 7mph pace so I can get more miles for my time in the A.M…. working at it every day. That heinous building in that background is part of Phil’s (Muir)college at UCSD. Sadly, while the school is in a fabulous location the aesthetic doesn’t have shit on Chico State.

I’m nearing the end of my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and I have to say I feel pretty ripped. I keep showing my coworkers my biceps, I think they find me even more freakishly weird. Maybe I will stop explicitly stating it, and just start lifting heavy boxes and carrying them up and down the halls so everyone comments on how SWOLE I am… I do curls with my stapler while drinking raw egg whites at my desk, this is my secret to how I stay cut, fo sho. I’ll post pics of those babies soon… If I can shrink the photo enough to fit… ok ok I have little weenie arms, I’m working on it!

I can’t wait to get outta town for a few days and pound the pavement/trails somewhere else for a bit.






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