Protein Shakes and other News

Happy Monday!!! I had a fabulous weekend, but today it was back to the work grind. I have a one of a few big meetings this week tomorrow so I was a busy bee at work today.

I always get ravenously hungry at 2:30-3:00ish and since I don’t get off work until 4:30pm, I like the have delicious snacks on hand. The problem is, when I have delicious snacks on hand, I eat them all with my lunch, leaving me with the same problem come 2:30pm. My solution is a nifty snack drawer with emergency oatmeal and a box of TJ’s Organic low sodium Tomato Soup in the work fridge. I ran out of oatmeal and left my new box o’ soup at home, so today I went off hunting around SDSU’s campus for noms. There was really no one on campus as it is summer and I had to detour the long way to the student store across campus since there are multiple construction projects taking place at San Diego State (budget cuts who?).

I stumbled upon this wonderful find!

Ignore the Jolly Rancher lollipop!!! I needed to balance my healthy with delicious hard candy sweet!!

This Mix 1 protein smoothie only had 90 calories and 10g carbs and it had 10g protein. One of the things I hate about lower sugar/carb energy drinks or bars is that they are usually loaded with Splenda/sucralose which makes me look like I am 6months preggo. This wonderful drink is all natural AND sweetened with Stevia, I’m hooked I had the strawberry banana today and it was SO good!

I have a crazy busy workweek involving me presenting to a table of my colleagues for an hour on Thursday… we’ll see how that goes. I’ve thought about giving them a nifty timeline of the last 7 months and noting that I have had 4 different bosses in that time… I figure they probably want a fiscal year-end recap and my 2011-2012 plan (way less fun).

my live in chef who would probably sell his soul for a shopping spree in a Mountain Hardware store…

I came home to a wonderful dinner made by Phil of tofu and chicken breast stir-fried with teriyaki, bell peppers and onions and a side of butternut squash fries. I know I eat weird random things, but we leave on Thursday so we are trying to eat all of the leftover food in the casa.

Workout: 5.2 miles 1:00 <– slow run, crap burn…frustrating + 30min cardio strength 5:15am

Maybe it was the Godiva chocolate truffle I had yesterday that slowed my down, I don’t know but the bottom line is-I ran for an hour so whatever.

Currently I am switching between my Newtons and my Zoots for running.

I really dig the barefoot/natural running vibe and these shoes are both amazing. The ZOOTs are worn without socks though and OMIGOD they make my feet stink. Really I think it’s my shoes making my feet stink but I’m going the blame my shoes.

I don’t currently have a trail runner but I REALLY want the Merrel pace glove shoes.

but I also really want these Steve Maddens

decisions decisions… 3 days til’ my vaycay to Chico with Phil and Wall-E

Wall-E and Phil have a crippling addiction to Blow-nettes… those little crack-cocaine covered powdered donuts… especially on road trips *barf*


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