Catching Up

Thursday morning run. The classic UCSD bathroom picture.

Thursday morning we did our normal 6mi run, it was so misty that we practically had rain, I am so ready for summer. We skipped our cardio strength because I had a big presentation at work and wanted ample time to get ready and be on time.

my “power” outfit 

My powerpoint went well and I think I was able to convey the proper amount of knowledge and understanding for a fairly new employee. I love speaking in front of people so that wasn’t an issue at all. After the retreat I headed back to my office to wrap up some last minute business and then jump on the road and dive into the gloriousness that is the I-5 through LA during the rush hour (hour=3 hours) commute.

P and I have been in Chico since 3am Friday morning. We should have gotten here at 1am but we hit LA traffic (commuters=hanging out in the carpool lane) and then awesome Northern California traffic (rural highway… one lane each way, one lane closed = 15 min of waiting until a tractor guides you through, yes!) I drove from the north end of the Grapevine until the Modesto area and swapped our little Yaris back to Phil. The trip had been pretty uneventful up until this point. Lots of good music and chatting about how P if going to be an amazing professor in a year if California still has a university system by then.

We put some air in the tires and I sacked out in the passenger seat. See how cute and happy and tiny our little car is???

Fast forward to 1:30am, highway 99 just south of Chico, I wake up to a gunshot in the car. This isn’t too surprising in rural NorCal, seriously. One time I went out and practiced my gun skeelz with a potato canon, which is apparently a wicked enough weapon to constitute a felony charge if you’re caught with it, woops. I jump up and ask P what the hell is going on, and it turns out we didn’t get caught in a rice field drive-by, we hit a raccoon. Not those cute little raccoons you all think of, like the little guy in Pocahantas, I’m talking about the giant, travel in packs, small bear sized, sewer dwelling breed that has been perfecting its beastly gene pool by feasting on our garbage for decades. The damage done?

Yaris-0 King o’ the Raccons-1

I called AAA and cashed in on my free towing feature (thanks Dad) and we got into Chico at 3am. P’s mom came out in the wee hours of the morning like a champ and picked us up. We felt like guilty, drunk high schoolers who were being picked up from a party, but it was a plus that 1-his mom rocks and 2-this happened outside of a town where we each know appx 50 people.

The shitty thing is that I’m to be back at work by Weds morning, but at this point we have no idea how to get back to San Diego, unless someone knows of a G5 I can borrow. I love the tiny Yaris because it gets amazing gas mileage and it fits in any parking spot, but it is the most uncomfortable car in the world and now I know how little it would take to total that piece and it scares me a bit to get into an accident. Also, when you accelerate above 80mph, it sounds like you are in a cessna trying to take off in a monsoon, which is why I usually just bump some Bassnectar and hope for the best.

Now that we made it to the “City of Trees” it’s been pretty amazing. P-Low and I have been biking around town and soaking up the 90+ weather. More on this little gem of a town next….


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