Week 1: Progress is Made!


Strength and Conditioning: 4x at Kaia Fit

Bike Ride: 2x (one road one mountain)

Yoga: Short practices of 15 min 2x

Bike Commute (8mi): 3x

Saturday walk with bae: 5mi

So, here are my stats. Because numbers :). 27 years old, 5'2″, 127lbs. The goal is to lose some fat, I have no idea what I'll weigh. I'm looking to be slightly smaller by August 18 when I go on vacation and spend some time in a swimsuit and I'd like to be done losing weight by the end of October. I don't really have a lot to lose, maybe 10lbs max.

My macros.


So, the first week, how did it go? Pretty damn good. My sleeping has been on point, I've been active, my hunger has been ok. I had one day where I overate a rather healthy-sized dessert, so I pulled those macros from the next day. The next day wasn't even that bad, I just didn't have room for many sweets and ended up with less of a deficit. Above are my MFP graphs. The deficit I'm rocking isn't really enough to make me lose weight. Technically. Though in the past, netting around 1400 was enough to get me down to 116-118lbs. We will see.

I didn't deal with much in the way of BED behavior this week– this is a HUGE victory for me. I currently feel like I'm making progress in my headspace. I have told myself, “This is a process” about 6 million times, so maybe this is part of the process. I can say that I can't remember the last time I went this long without wanting to binge. I've still had moments where I want chocolate, or more or something decadent, but normally an Urge is centered around stress of some sort, not just an inclination to have a few spoonfulls of PB.

Some of the Weekly Workouts: Kaia, MTB, Walking in Bidwell Park

Today I faced a challenge that I have tackled many times in the past when trying to stick to an IF protocol. I did an endurance workout in the morning. My fast typically breaks at 10:30am or 11am and mountain biking on an empty stomach takes me right to bonkville, so I ate. I don't know if it was eating early, being hungry, both or just crappy luck, but my appetite was in full force today, both real hunger and emotional hunger. It's ok, I didn't go out and buy a pint of ice cream or eat until I was sick, so it's ok. I think I will try to push my long workouts to a later time in the future and for now focus on maintaining my 10:30am-6:30/7:30pm window 7 days a week.

I'm down in weight, which is rad, especially because sustainable weight loss at my size typically amounts to .5-1lb a week MAX.

Here is an interesting photo. I've edited to make a little more SFW, but really, it's just a body :). Left is 126.6lbs, right is 112.6lbs. Weird, right? I feel like those bodies don't look 15lbs different!

In other news I hit up the Powder Room in Chico to get color matched for foundation and my brows which was amazing and I did a little shopping at the downtown boutiques. I'm such a sucker for loose tanks in the brutally hot Chico summers and anything I can wear from my yoga mat to the street! I finished it off with a little sun bath, because seriously… these tan lines :(.

So, fellow xx-ers or weight loss hopefulls, hit me with your thoughts and advice




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