Equinox Adventure Race, Beach Grass Cafe and Alpine Brewery–Weekends in My World

Monday: REST (ok, so I did a squat/ab/plank challenge with some girlfriends and 25 min of yoga…)
Tuesday: 12mi cycling
Wednesday: 9mi run, 40min strength routine
Thursday: 20mi cycling, 30min strength
Friday: 5mi run!
Saturday: 6mi run, easy strength routine
Sunday: yoga + 53mi cycling

Today’s daily read came from the Wanderlust blog, and what better way to start your week, than with a lesson in letting go of resentment.

I’ve been totally guilty of hanging on to the past, both with things that have been done to me, and things I have done. I’m learning that I have a lot to learn about myself 😉 and so much growing to do. With that growth has come some fallout. I’ve grown closer to some people and apart from others and I’m working to be ok with that. This article really helped me remember some effective ways to move forward and away from resentment.

In other news, I’ve been testing out some recipes from blogs around the intrawebs, with mixed success, I made a quiche for Phil with 100% success, and we had a lovely several days…

I had brunch with my college roommate Ana, she is one of those friends who every time I see her, I am even more aware of how much I miss her. Fingers crossed that she ends up in San Diego before too long. We ate at Beach Grass Café in Solana Beach.

It’s awesome. The service is incredible. Everyone is nice and friendly, they even let Phil and I put our names down 40 min in advance so that we could finish our run and sit down right at 10:30am. The food is wonderful– a balance of hearty, indulgent, light and flavorful, lots of vegetarian and gluten-free options, and great coffee–Definitely worth a stop. It gets busy on the weekends and at lunch-time, so plan ahead!

The adventure run was a learning experience, and a half. I have finally accepted that with the bunions, plantar’s fasciitis, and general disdain for spending more than 2 hours running trails (I’ll walk all day), I need to keep my long weekend runs on the road.


If dirty trails, cross country/off trail route finding, long days and competition are your forte, then Equinox Racing is a wonderful organizer to keep an eye on for your next adventure race. The organizers are wonderful people, completely welcoming and set up a flawless event. It was challenging, beautiful, organized and well-run. Maps and checkpoints were provided a day in advance and they had lots of running and mountain biking options. The boys I went out with, who love trails, all agreed that it was a great ass-kicker of a course.

My favorite part…

Getting off of the single-track, giving my swollen ankles a rest on some even pavement and drinking beer/eating BBQ at Alpine Brewery. This little spot up in Alpine (East San Diego County) is always busy, incredibly reasonably priced and delicious. The beer was excellent, the food was simple BBQ, delicious and it made my bruised ego feel better. I can hold my own on pavement, but put me on a trail and I’m a rolled-ankle mess of flying limbs. I’ll stick to hiking the trails and running the roads, I think.


One thought on “Equinox Adventure Race, Beach Grass Cafe and Alpine Brewery–Weekends in My World

  1. Dang you get some mileage done in one week!! I really wish I could put done miles like that. Mmmm those scones and muffins look good :D. Hahaha I know what you mean, I have to stick to pavement too. If I even just hope onto grass, I’ve then got a messed up ankle for weeks.

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