Weekends are for Fun

Saturday’s Workout: 13.5 miles of trail hell

Sunday’s Workout:10 easy miles in Solana Beach

Can I take a moment to say…


Dear Daft Punk, just take my money, take it all, tour and charge me $300 a ticket. I scoff at the idea of paying full price for… well, anything, but if you tour, WHEN you tour, I will gladly scrape together the obscene amount of cash you call out for and be there. JUST TAKE MY MONEY. I’ve been vibing to your beats since I was oh, say, 10 years old, and everyone thought I was a weirdo for listening to electronic music. I preordered your recent album, it’s one of approximately 5 albums I’ve legitimately acquired, ever. Thank you for giving my German-ass beats to groove to (it’s in my blood), and pushing me through 90% of my workouts with “Harder Better Faster Stronger”. You and your weird helmets rock, keep being weird, I get it.

It’s easy to push your life to Saturday and Sunday, but I’m making an active effort to get the most out of my days. Why not?

So I’ve been…

Running at sunrise. This is La Jolla Farms. It should be call La Jolla OMFG WHY IS YOUR HOUSE SO BIG? I feel safe running around in here, even though if something ever were to happen… I’d be locked out of every house by a Fort Knox-worthy gate and be SOL for getting any help.

sunrise run

Cycling at sunset. We like to ride out and up the coast on the old Highway 101. You can take this from essentially Downtown San Diego all the way up to Oceanside without much trouble, it’s beautiful, plenty of places to stop, but watch out for cars! Especially in tourist season, people don’t know that this is a heavily cycled area and they don’t pay attention.


Enjoying the work I do, trust me I’ve been working hard. I do more than Instagram from my office, but I’ll get to that another time… For now, suffice it to say, I’m super busy, I’m loving it and I’ve upped my coffee consumption by quite a bit.


And always working on self improvement.

Here’s some inspiration to get your week off to a killer start:

From the V Elements Yoga and Music Festival in San Diego, a wall was put out to write down whatever you felt you wanted to share. I loved it. I love the “We are all just a work in progress”. Truth.


On the subject of walls, this art installment, also in San Diego, it’s on my list of places to visit soon.


Have a happy Monday, the biggest thing on my plate this week– I’m getting my wisdom teeth out on Friday. Expect lots of hilarious photos… and whining, and smoothie recipes.


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