Be Thankful, Om Om Om

Wednesday’s workouts: 5mi easy run this a.m. and a short strength routine this p.m.

I absolutely adore waking up early and going running. The initial 5 min after my alarm are pretty brutal, and filled with a deep longing to curl up and sleep for a few more hours, but the minute I look out the floor to ceiling window next to my bed, my desire to be outside wins. Every. Time.

Today I am thankful for the life I live. I get to spend my days stealing kisses from this man, whose office happens to be approx. 100ft from mine.

We have the luxury of riding our bikes to work and grabbing lunch together once or twice a week. I live in San Diego, how did I even end up here? I get to hear the crash of the ocean every day. I’m so lucky, and though I know I’ve worked for so much of what I have, I also know that my life is privileged and that I should never take it for granted.


Sort of in line with taking time to be thankful, I think it’s so important that we all find our personal “zen”. Over the past year and a half I’ve been slowly getting more and more into yoga. I found a studio to call my own, if you’re ever in San Diego, check out Spirit Yoga. This studio is incredible, donation based, and so friendly. The donation based fee structure makes it really easy to just drop in for one or two classes if you’re in town on business or for vacation. Through yoga I’ve found a strong inner peace, confidence, acceptance and self-love and it’s been huge in my ability to overcome struggles in my life when I’m off my mat. I think it’s really beneficial and welcome any questions regarding getting started, what it’s like for a runner etc.

Right now I’m working hard to stay fit, healthy and strong but also tone and trim up a little for summer and swimsuits! My go-to breakfast lately has been almond milk, flax-seed and sliced bananas + 1 egg mixed with ½ egg whites, spinach and hot sauce.

Oh, and coffee, of course coffee . I recently passed my 1 year anniversary of being Gluten and Dairy Free, and while I’ve slipped up here and there, I am so much happier and healthier now. I’ll probably dedicate a whole post to that at some point.

Just a couple more days until my Adventure Race with P and the boys up at Mt. Laguna, 21+ miles of trails… any advice from ultra or trail runners out there? I’m no stranger to trail running, but it always seems to knock me out so much faster than road running (mentally and physically).


PS for those who follow me on twitter, the Thai Green Curry came out splendidly!!!



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