No Rest For The Wicked, Therefore I’m a Saint <– Logic

Today’s Workout: REST


I’m working on respecting my rest days, like actually taking a full day off once a week (or more if I need it) and not feeling guilty. I struggle with an assortment of health issues that tend to drain me more than the average person, I think, so rest becomes vitally important to my ability to improve athletically. I can easily get caught up in the ultra mentality and want to work out every day, twice a day. The reality is, that what I push that hard, I end up setting myself back and feeling all sorts of bad about it. I have a desire for people to see me as a hard worker and a tough athlete, but at times I have to remind myself that respecting your body and mind in the face of the desires of society or your social network is perhaps a stronger show of strength than running for 15 consecutive days or whatever else I’ve been known to pat myself on the back for.

Respect your limits and push yourself to be better, not to be instagram-worthy or enviable. I can hammer out some fabulous feats of strength, and some of them will be done on a track at 5:30am with no one but me and P, what’s important is that I know what I’m capable of.

Back to work after a 3-day weekend is always bittersweet, right? Here are some things to brighten this Tuesday for you all.

Yesterday I met an English Bulldog names Professor Wigglebottoms

I made a version of these Black Bean Brownies, they are wonderful if you’re looking for a chocolate fix give them a shot!


Here’s a photo from my last Disney trip, because who wouldn’t smile after seeing this photo?!


And lastly, for those of us stuck behind a desk or in an office, here is some TrailPorn to inspire your weekend plans (even though it’s only Tuesday *wink*)




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