I’ll Be Up Up and Away

Today’s workout: 36 mile bike ride

It’s Memorial Day, I hope everyone took a moment to honor someone or something in their own way today.

Sometimes you have to, as my friend Ryan says, #doepicshit. I took my new bike, that actually fits me, out to the hot valleys of San Diego county… My goal was to try a handful of new things. You know, typical Ash style, I just went for it all at once.

– New, fast fast fast lighttttt bike
– Clipless pedals
– Super short, new stem… I.e. responsive steering on hairpin turns at 40mph
– Long ride on a brand new seat


What’s the worst that could happen?!

I have a secret cycling agenda, beyond losing my cankles of course. I want to turn this world of Lycra-clad, exclusive, crazy competitive cyclists into a bunch of free-loving hippies. I’m doing it one rider at a time, with smiles and friendly waves and inquiries about whether you’re ok if I see you looking stranded. Cycling is too much fun to be this intimidating, I want more people to get out there and give it a shot, even if your bike isn’t worth more than the average down payment on a small home…

Mt. Palomar, from the south side, is a beast. It’s ~13 miles to the summit and then another ~5 miles up to the Palomar Observatory before you flip around and blast back down to the valley floor at lightning speed (~40mph if you’re bold). It’s hot in Rincon, where you start, so a reasonably early start is recommended. There isn’t much of a shoulder and you’re sharing the road with lots of Ferrari clubs and sport motorcycles who are out to stretch the legs on their expensive toys, so be careful.

Today was my best bike ride ever. I tend to handle hills the best, and I’m learning more about my shifting/gears. P money cruised along with me, being his normal awesome self.

I definitely ate enough for breakfast, with some paleo bread and a green smoothie in a bowl, and I deffffinitely ate too much after. I have yet to perfect the art of patience on big workout days. Any suggestions?


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