Do Or Die?

Today’s workouts: 4.5 mile run, 2.5 mile bike ride, 90min of yoga



I’m refocusing. Trying to prioritize what’s healthy and eradicate what isn’t. I’ve changed a lot in the last year and I’m both proud of my accomplishments and humbled by how much work there is to be done.



It’s almost time for me to go out and attempt the biggest physical challenge of my life. The Death Ride, a 129 mile bike ride, with 15,000 ft of elevation gain and 5 mountain summits. P did it last year, so I’ve got an expert on hand. I’m hoping to finish in 12 hours or less, and have a good time. It’s coming up on July 13th and my training is really starting to heat up.


I got a new job and I’m loving it, as well as the excuse to shop for new clothes.


I’m still dancing through life, cheek to cheek with this guy…


Time to sleep… Mt. Palomar tomorrow….



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