Moving :)

So in an effort to maintain my blog and stick around, because I really don’t want to stop altogether, I am moving to Tumblr. I think it will suit my needs better, as it isn’t so time intensive. Now maybe I can actually post the stuff I want in a timely manner despite my busy schedule.

Come over and visit me at

I’m at work until 4:30pm and then I hit the road with the ladies of Ragnar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Moving :)

  1. Funny… I was just thinking about my neglected blog today and how tumblr might be better… like sometimes I just wanna share little things like quotes or videos or random little thoughts and stories without making it some big post and I always feel weird doing that on blogspot. Not to mention it’s so time consuming. I’ll keep following your tumblr and maybe I’ll join the club 🙂 I miss you and can’t wait to read more about your ragnar experience. That’s a really cool race concept! Love you<3

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