Let’s Get Ready to RAGNAR

I’ve been away, and I’m not sure how much of a role blogging is going to play in my future. I’m considering Tumblr as a way to keep in touch with my family, friends and those who like to follow my training :).

However, a day that I have been waiting for is ALMOST here!

Ragnar 2012!!!

I am so excited to run with a group of 12 girls this weekend, some I have gotten to know, others I have never even met. I know that no matter what, I am going to make some amazing memories. I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of a team with some shnazzy sponsors who have outfitted us in various ways. So I want to make sure to say thank you!!!!

To our sponsors, and companies who have simply given us freebies thanks!!!!

Aspaeris Compression shorts, Run Pretty Far tank tops, Pro Compression socks, Nuun electrolyte beverage, BIC Bands, Running Skirts

Seriously, this is going to rock!

Copied from teammate Shannon, our first runner at 5:45am… that crazy girl! Here is the final line up.


Sarah   Once Upon a (L)ime   @SarahOUaL

SarahSR   SkinnyRunner   @skinnyrunnerSR


Margot   Faster Bunny   @FasterBunny

Chacha   Chasing Imperfection   @lil_yogini

Nicole   Haute Running Mama   @hauterunningmama

12 Lady:

Heather   365 Days of Awesome   @hmgiraffy

Elisabeth   Running at the Speed of Me   @ewallerscott


Shannon  Hungry Gazelle  @hungrygazelle

Sandy  BIC Bands  @BICbands

Becka   50 Half Marathons in 50 States @squirrelgirl44


Madison   I’d Rather Be Eating   @borntorun77

Danica   Girls That Run   @danicalynne

Erica  Cajun Runner  @cajun_runner

Ashley   PrettyFittie @prettyfittie

Linzay   Broke Runner   @brokerunner

Until next time…



3 thoughts on “Let’s Get Ready to RAGNAR

  1. What’s funny, is that I totally copied your blogger line-up and just edited it! 🙂 Great minds…
    Yeah, 5:45am is going to be something else. Uhh, can I be back in van 2 please??
    I understand the blogging hiatus thing (I’ve taken 2 lengthy breaks over the past year). For what it’s worth, I’m definitely glad I met you through blogging and love your blog. Do what you gotta do though. No reason for additional stress because life is hard enough as it is!
    See you tomorrow :). Sleep well!

  2. A Ragnar sounds so fun, I would LOVE to do one someday – plus, I don’t have any runner friends around here, so it’d be amazing to meet some similar ladies 🙂 I’ll have to consider doing one! GOOD LUCK!

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