Del Mar is a Little Piece of Heaven and I am TIRED

Tuesday workout: Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30

Thursday workout: Pilates + Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 + 6mi Run

Friday workout: 4.7miles + 2/3 of Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30

Saturday workout: 17.3 mile bike ride

Sunday workout: 9 miles of running and walking…. and dying.

Last week I was exhausted. Like tired to the bones, like my neck feels tired from holding up my head. What the heck? I got into bed at 5:30pmWednesday night and out of bed at 6:30am Thursday morning. Eesh.

Phil even started bringing me a Peet’s chai at work as a little 2pm pick me up in preparation for our run/strength sessions.

I hate those tired weeks, where working out is really hard and you feel like you have lost your mojo. Sometimes it’s tough to decide if you would feel better if you muscle through it, or give your body a rest because that’s what it’s telling you it needs.

Isn’t ^^ that the truth? Pushing past all of those excuses and making it a habit feels so.damn.good.

My sister sent me a text about how exercise is a huge commitment; she just got a gym membership and is toiling through those first few miserable weeks of getting back into the habit of working out/getting your body back up to speed. I get a nagging fear sometimes when I take an extra day off, that I will backslide into a state of living where I don’t make working out a priority. Once I think about it though, I realize that there is no way I could ever go back to not working out or being active. It has become a part of who I am, working out is a part of my day that I miss when it’s not there and I can’t imagine a time when I won’t actively pursue my daily dose of exercise. So for those of you just starting or starting again for the 10th time, keep at it.

Recently, P and I meandered north to Del Mar. DM is the next town up from us, we regularly run up the coast and through the cute little beach town of Del Mar, but never stop for more than a snack or some coffee.

Finally this time, we donned actual clothes instead of our sweaty attire and set off to do some exploring. I fell in love with this place.

We sat on a rooftop sun deck and sipped sparkling water and microbrew root beer.

We meandered past gorgeous hotels

And adorable markets

Sooner or later P and I will have to leave our adorable, affordable, awesomely located apartment on the cliffs of LJ. The apartments are only for UCSD grad students and he is bound to graduate at some point, if we are dealt the cards that allow us to stay in San Diego, I would LOVE to live in Del Mar.

In other news, RAGNAR is one week away!!!!!!

I have lots to say about some of our sponsors, Pro Compression socks, RunningSkirts and Run Pretty Far here soon! I’ll start out with a big THANK YOU to the team mates who facilitated everything and to the companies as well which all seem super awesome.


2 thoughts on “Del Mar is a Little Piece of Heaven and I am TIRED

  1. I was in del mar for the first time this weekend! I have always driven thru but never stopped, it was soo adorable and gorgeous. My friend lives right below that hotel (l’auberge), not a bad place to settle down…

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