Hot Chocolate 15k

Wednesday workout: 13ish mile bike ride (1 hour)

Thursday workout: 6mi run with P

Friday workout: No work for Cesar Chavez, ran 10 miles including one beast of a hill

Sunday workout: 12 mile trail run with P, nice and easy, longest run since December

*This post was written last week, sorry bout the delay! Finals/Spring Break with le students got cray cray!

Phil’s mom came to visit this week! She and P go backpacking every year during P’s spring break. It’s a way for both of them to get into the great outdoors (not to mention it saves me the trouble of trying it with P). Although, I will admit I am starting to get curious about backpacking as a way to reduce stress and break off from the world.

Mayhaps I will be trying this look sometime during the summer?

She was also running the Hot Chocolate with us!

Here is my simple, to the point race review:

I was really nervous that this race would be a disaster, because a few of the earlier Hot Choco’s had horrible reviews.

The expo was small and at Road Runner Sports. Parking was plentiful and free. The expo was small, just some race merchandise, chocolate samples, bib pick-up etc. There was a convenient spot to swap your jacket for a smaller size, which P did and it was really easy. The jacket is CUTE. I mean, the jacket isn’t super swanky or anything, but I love it and the XS fits me really well.

Race day morning was a breeze, there was a TON of easy parking right next to the start area for $10. It was easy in and easy out which made it worth the money to us.

There were LOTS of portos, but they were foul just like at every race, at least it seemed like no one had to wait more than 5min to go.

Both the 5k and 15k seemed to start on time. Win.

Lots of aid stations along the way with water/Gatorade/electrolytes. The volunteers were wearing gloves, and kept the street CLEAN. Good on them.

The course was plenty wide enough, I never saw congestion.  There were even volunteers warning runners of uneven pavement .

The post race finishers area was great, getting my chocolate fondue was easy and DELICIOUS. OMG I need more.

This was a beautiful course, a painless race experience and I really enjoyed the challenge of all of the hills. I’ll definitely do it again next year.

The $65 entry fee was pricey, but you get a jacket and CHOCOLATE!

All in all I had a blast. Running with friends, Phil’s mom being in town and running with us. I wish more of my family could race with P and I. It was a really new experience running as a pacer for Andrea, it’s tough to see a friend struggling and not quiteknow if it’s time to stop or to keep pushing her.

Game face, I was totes yelling at her as we ran in the home stretch, and after, she was so happy/emotional and I was SO pumped for everything. What a good day. I’ll never forget it.

 I was happy with my knee during the run and I totally still have my fingers crossed that I am moving towards a full recovery, I think it was wise of me to take this race easier and just see what my body could do. Unlike P.

He finished in the top 50 and like 12th in his age group. 7:05 miles and such. Nice work babe. He looked really cute and focused while running 🙂

I know he was just trying as hard as possible to beat Skinny Runner.


2 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate 15k

  1. Wow! So glad to hear your Hot Chocolate race went well – unlike my experience in DC (along with the hundreds of other people, haha) – it sounds like they cleaned up their act a bit! Also, I wish my race had puppies there! 🙂

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