Happy Hour and Staying Positive

Happy hour really is the happiest of hours. On Wednesday I met with Shannon and Lindsay at Rock Bottom in LJ to gab for a while.

After 1 beer I get really chatty, so ladies I apologize if I yammered your ear off. I had a blast, and decided that I DO want to live in Napa, Wyoming in the winter sound brutal, and every college drinks just as much as the other. Father’s hide your daughters, no college is safe. Really though, I am SO excited to run Ragnar with these peeps in less than a month!

P and I rode our bikes to Rock Bottom cause we are cool like that. We look sexy with helmet hair.

Speaking of sexy, OMG how pretty is my new bag!?


This weekend  is the Hot Chocolate 15k. I had high hopes of running this baby fast, but decided a few weeks ago to take it easy and just run it for fun. I’ll be running in a tutu with my friend Andrea to essentially help her try to stay on pace. It should be more relaxed and a lot more fun and I will give my next half or 10k the good old 110% college try. Plus, P gets to run FAST for once and his mom is coming to run with us, I am SO excited for that you don’t even know!

Positivity is the name of my game as I push myself to take my return to running slowly. Yoga is helping with that, so here is an amazing video to inspire everyone.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/loszrEZvS_k&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

I used to beat myself up in my head while running. I would say lots of the following things:

Quit slowing down

Push harder

Dig deeper

If I’m tired and running slow, I get *so* frustrated with myself. Blargh it sucks.

There are days and times and certain runs where I really need to push it (Speed training, pace days) but on the last few runs where I have pulled my Garmin under my sleeve and ignored my pace, just focusing on how hard I could push it while still having fun, I found a new voice in my head.

She says:

You are here today, Ash, and this is a beautiful way to show your body how much you love it.

You can push as hard as you want or slow down, but either way you are out here logging those miles, become stronger with every step.

You know you can get home at this pace, there is no room for doubt in your mind, feel how strong your legs are.

I’m really loving this new voice in my head and I know that it started with yoga. Never once had I taken the time to thank myself for putting in the time for a workout, until my first practice. When the instructor told us to thank ourselves, I almost said “WHAT?!”.  Oftentimes I feel guilty or I am even told that how much I work out is selfish so I’m lucky I don’t have kids etc. After thinking about it, I realized working out is a way to give back to the body that carries you through each and every day. I want to try to thank myself every time I get out there and sweat.

It’s so easy for any athlete to be WAY too hard on themselves. For me, I may not break any records, but I am constantly impressing myself with what I can train my body to do. So, what I’m saying is, every step you take is one in the right direction and we should all recognize how much we rock. Forreal, you rock :).

Good luck to all of the runners/racers/general badasses this weekend!


2 thoughts on “Happy Hour and Staying Positive

  1. I didn’t think you yammered at all!!! I love that we’re all chatty and it was so easy to talk! And I’m the least photogenic Big Bird in all the land 🙂

  2. Running the Hot Chocolate too. Looking forward to a fun day! Maybe a little rain?? Have fun with Ragnar, too. I’m volunteering but not running.
    It’s not selfish to work out. I have a kid and yes, it gets so much more difficult to find the time once kids are involved!! But if it’s a priority…you MAKE the time!
    Have a fun weekend!

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