Running Again and Let’s Talk Training: Shoes

Monday workout: Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 at 0’Dark:30and a 4 miler at an 8:55 pace in the evening

Tuesday workout: Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 and a 5 miler at an 8:18 pace in the evening

P and I set off on a run againon Monday(yeeee!). I finallydecided to push it a little, while not on painkillers, and see how it went. Wekept an 8:55 pace and though I had some pain, it is getting MUCH better. Tuesday I had some awesome caffeine energy so we slammed out 5 miles at an 8:18 pace. I was basically cracked out on yerba mate and excessive amounts of coffee. It felt amazing, the run not the jitters.

It’s been the pefect weather for running; cool, sunny and fresh from the recent rains. I’m not a crazy fast runner, I’d like to continue to improve my pace over time and I won’t lie, the NYC Marathon is on my bucket list, but just getting outside and running 4 miles at a decent clip felt GOOD. If June Gloom/Gray May comes again this year, I’m DONE. I will show everyone what SD is really like and the gag will be up!

After our run it was grocery shopping time. We bought a TON more groceries this week, especially fresh veggies, like enough fresh veggies to support a family of 5, I may have been overzealous. I am taking advice from the 6-pack sporting HRM and trying to make my plate ½ fruits and veggies at everymeal. I always worry about getting enough vitamins etc. and this should do the trick, right?? Or at least give me horrible bad gas :-X

Yeah, it’s like that

SO much food! Does anyone else get stressed about letting food go to waste? I looked at this mountain of perishables and had a mild heartattack. Then I remembered that giant salads are my favorite food and I was excited to whip up some new entrée salad recipes this week.

I make my salads worthy of being called a meal by adding lots of protein (meats, beans, cheeses,eggs) and a variety of fruits and veggies for flavor, usually shooting forabout 450-500 calories total before I call it a win.

I also have to eat them out of a serving type bowl because normal bowls just don’t cut it.

Let’s talk training: Shoes

Shoes: This is hard. Shoes are so individual to each runner,and I am largely into the minimalist and maybe even one day barefoot running. Ithink the most important things are proper sizing, most people buy theirrunning shoes ½ to 1 full size up, and comfort. I have wide duck feet so I have to make sure my shoes are wide. I get hot feet really easily so I also look forshoes that breathe really well to avoid the post run sausage toe shame. I find that reading the reviews on shoes givesme the best idea of what will work for me and; trial and error helps too, so look for stores that have great return policies (RoadRunner in SD offers a 90 day no questions asked worn shoe return policy and runningwarehouse is amazing as well with free overnight shipping! just FYI).

Keep track of your mileage either with a Garmin/GPS watch,online tracker like or a exercise diary and start thinking aboutnew shoes anytime between 300-450 miles depending on the type of shoe.


4 thoughts on “Running Again and Let’s Talk Training: Shoes

  1. I love reading your posts, they are so informative which for me is great as I am a fledgling runner. Your food pics look soooo delicious 🙂 I am very grateful for all th great info that your Blog gives me…Thank you!

    1. I try to keep it informative lately, but my snarky sassy self is missing her spotlight haha. I’m happy someone other than friend or family is enjoying the effort. Keep pushing on!

    1. It’s an addiction, right? I wish I had space for all of them and then I end up wanting a pair to wear with cute sporty clothes that I don’t run in because walking in them shortens the life of a show so much… ahhhh #runnerproblems

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