Let’s Talk Training: Crosstraining



Cross training is a way to vary your fitness program by combining different types of exercise activities.

Ex. rather than jogging 3 days a week for aerobic exercise, you alternate jogging with swimming, biking, and tennis.

our favorite form of cross training

Injury prevention is a huge part of training (I have to keep saying it, I do)


Oftentimes I wish I had a coach to make sure I was covering all the bases, but realistically most of us train using an online schedule or just personal knowledge.

Maybe this guy is available…?

 Scary thought, right? A bunch of beginners out there testing their bodies, always being told to push harder, do one more lap, give 110% etc. Those “always push as hard as you can” motivational things that pop up everywhere were bad news for me. There is a time and a place for pushing as hard as you can, but if you do that 5-6 days a week, it sucks. Overtraining = injury.

 An injury doesn’t just cause you physical pain; it can derail a whole year or more of athletic planning and goals. The extra work we put in to avoid injury can actually have multiple benefits. I really like cross training because it gives me something different to look forward to once or twice a week. My go-to X-training workout is cycling. I don’t have a fancy bike, or awesome spandex outfit, but once a week jumping on my bike and moving twice as fast as I did running was a huge morale boost. In college, when I first started training to run, I would play indoor soccer once a week, or take a cardio class. Do whatever you want, cycle, kickbox, play beach football with some friends, it’s almost like a rest day, but you’re still improving your fitness.

The real, applicable benefits of x-training are numerous, and explained here.

I made some tweaks to my schedule and am now taking Mondays and Saturdays off (omfg 2 days off!? gah yes please!). My goal is to ease back on my tendency to get overzealous with cardio. It becomes a “how many calories can I burn in an hour” game which always ends up in overtraining.

Right now my goals are set at 3000 calories burned each week, which seems to be a good spot for me.

Today was a good day. My close friend Andrea’s husband was offered an amazing job straight out of law school and this just a few days after she got a promotion. We geeked out about it over lunch, so to celebrate I had a beer…

Phil brought me a coffee.

I found this little note from my first day of work last fall.

I’ve got a bike ride, physical therapy and a strength workout ahead of me tonight, hopefully the positivity keeps flowing.

Did I miss anything regarding crosstraining? I’ve only recently started utilizing Xtraining seriously, and I LOVE it. I need a break from running to keep my positive and make my workouts a different kind of fun.


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