Happily Ever After

Ok, I’ve made up with my blog. Ok, on the real, I have been crazy busy and sadly the blog was the first thing to take a backseat. I have so much to share though!


Can you live in Disneyland? I know there is an apartment above the Fire House, and I wouldn’t mind living in the Dream Suite.

My workouts all weekend were pretty wimpy meh. I walked a lot. In Disneyland. Maybe one day I will wake up and knock out 10 miles before a Disneyland day, that way I can eat my way through the park, but this time I took it easy and brought my own snacks in for P and I.

Disneyland is a magical place. The cast members are all so ridiculously nice, I imagine they get that as part of their training.

We did all of the amazing stuff, never had to wait in long lines (thank you fast pass) and I spent nearly the whole weekend with a permagrin.

When the P and I go to the happiest place on earth we always stay at the Menage. It’s a decently cute hotel within walking distance to the park and it’s always reasonably priced. Both stays have been fabulous, but we don’t spend much time in the hotel to be honest. Who does when they are on a Disney trip?!

The highlight of Saturday was my belated birthday dinner at Napa Rose in the Grand Californian. This place is rivaled only by the Briarwood Inn in Golden, CO which was the fanciest dinner I have ever eaten. Briarwood was fancier, this was better . Wall-E wanted to join P and I for our romantic dinner, so we let him com along.

I had the Strawberry and Rotisserie Chicken Salad, P had the Sea Bass and we split a side of Roasted Cauliflower with Candied Dates, and Apple wood Smoked Bacon. It’s the type of place that serves small, exquisite portions of food. You see the plate and think that it will never be enough, even though it looks like art, yet somehow you leave satisfied. Maybe it’s the richness, or the fact that I always eat meals like that more slowly.

Disneyland never disappoints, it even seems like more fun now that I am older.

In other news! 😀

My sister is planning on training for a Ragnar!!! Since I have a few people reaching out to me for running advice at the moment, I’ll take some time over the next 2 weeks to give a rundown of what I do to train and save everyone some serious research time by sharing as much good information as I can 🙂


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