Birth Day? Week? Month?

Workouts: 4:30am cycling and JM Ripped in 30

A quick last note on birthdays 🙂

*pre birthday brunch 

The outpouring of love felt really good. I know that as we get older we make less of a deal out of our birthdays. We claim people only remember because of facebook etc etc. I think it is a beautiful tradition to celebrate someone on their very own day. Facebook may remind us, but it’s the fondness for that person that leads us to leave them a little birthday note.

I treasure this day and every single person in my life. When it’s your birthday, be sure you honor it with lots of cake and happiness.

I also LOVE Valentine’s Day. Maybe because I associate it with my birthday and I love red and pink together. I have no idea, I just love it.

P and I went out for burgers and beer at Karl Strauss. I decided that it was going to be a day without calories and ordered this:

It was SO worth it. I got a mixed greens salad instead of fries, you know, to make it healthy.

I was picked up from work and saw this in the backseat…

Happy Valentine’s to me 🙂

I also got a book, and a flour sifter. Yes, a flour sifter, you have no idea how excited I am for that thing!

*Wuv, twue Wuv….

Then we went home and wached Shakespeare in Love and shared half of a healthy pie that I made.

Workouts are going great. This week was the beginning of waking up at 4:30am so that P and I can get in a 60-90 min bike ride outside and 30 min of strength. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having my workouts done in the morning. It takes a huge load of stress off of my back.

I’ve been rehabing my leg with PT exercises like mad. Fingers crossed for some running in a month or so, but for now I’ll continue this love affair with my bike. A huge thanks to the Sports Medicine peeps at UCSD and P’s sister for setting me up with loads of exercises and stretchy bands, recovery here I come!

Enjoy your weekends, I’ll be climbing this: (just the Mt. Palomar section, like miles 20-50 :)!)

Any advice for my first big uphill bike ride?!


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