I am the Master of my Fate.

Thursday Inspiration and Motivation.

It looks like this in San Diego right now 🙂

Let me tell you how I took lemons and stuffed them in my bra turned them into lemonade. Monday and Tuesday I missed my workouts, and I felt like shit. Plain and simple I felt like a total bag of worthlessness, just call me Turd Ferguson. Speaking of Ferguson’s, if Sir Alex had caught my slacking he probably would have given me the hairdryer treatment.

*someone should ask David Beckham how he got that scar on his face. I’msonotkidding. 

I had a moment of inspiration and decided to be a boss. Wednesday/Thursday was my first attempt at Ragnar prep. I had to do my workouts on the bike, but here’s what I did.

Wednesday, I woke up at 4:30am after 8 blissful hours of sleep. Oh yeah, I went to bed at 8:30pm. I did a combination of my 3 mile “run” from Monday and my 40 min tempo from Tuesday. 15 easy warmup + 10min at 70% + 5min at 80% + 10min at 85-90% + 5min at 80% + 10min at 70% + 15 min active cooldown. Oh yeah. 70 minutes on the trainer at 4:30am. Booya. I wanted to squeeze in my 30 minute strength routine butttt it didn’t happen. I finished that evening with, 20min on the trainer, giving it my all, and two rounds of Jillian Michaels. Today,Thursday, I woke up and did Jillian Michael’s before heading out to the doctor to talk about my knee, and I have at least 40min on the trainer planned for tonight.

The idea you ask? Ragnar is 3 legs, roughly 8 hours apart. I’m simulating that and getting my body used to what will surely be a shock to my system.

My Pineapple Upside Down Cake was amazing and over the weekend I hope to add a recipe tab as a nice place to keep these goodies :). Yesterday I made homemade protein bars. They are amazing, Clif bar can take a hike (teehee) while I nom on my own wholesome goodness.

 Speaking of hiking, even though this sunshine has earned me some bikini time, I am REALLY itching to climb a mountain. Hear that Phil? I’ll even sleep in a tent (if it’s warm).

My doctor’s appointment was sadness, and madness. I have Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and he said that some people were genetically made to run marathons, my body was not. I should quit running, and start cycling. Oh, and “why would anyone run a marathon? Our bodies aren’t meant to run {not true, see this.} and certainly we aren’t meant to run that far.” Later in the conversation he talked about a bike ride he did over the course of a week from San Francisco to San Diego (619 miles???what was that about over exerting our bodies?).

My doctor is a cycling elitist, or maybe those are one and the same. #runnerrage. I am going to spend my 15k training on the bike, it isn’t my favorite place to be, but I have to heal up. After that, I want to focus on keeping my body strong to stay injury free, and I’m going to keep running, and when I’m running marathons at age 80, I’m going to laugh it up.

Out of the night that covers me,

Black as the Pit from pole to pole,

I thank whatever gods may be,

For my unconquerable soul.
-William Ernest Henley


9 thoughts on “I am the Master of my Fate.

  1. It really ticks me off when doctors tell a runner to quit running. Especially if it isn’t warranted. Get a second opinion girl. Strengthen those knees (and the muscles supporting them) and you will be ready to rock. Hugs! See you this weekend!

  2. I was “diagnosed” with the same, Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome, this time last year. After 4 weeks off from running, 3 times a week to Physical Therapy I ran a 1/2 marathon and have been fine ever since. I have to be more diligent with stretching and foam rolling but what was causing the PPS was a weakness in the hips that the doctor didn’t realize but my PT could see. After doing hip strengthening workouts I was good to go! Chin up, you will be running well into your 90’s girl!

  3. I was diagnosed with the same thing.. I took a week and a half off of running (it was hard mentally) did the exercises to strengthen my VMO muscles (got made fun of by the bf cause I look funny doing them) and iced. And started running on any trail I could. It went away… Until I started increasing my mileage and running on road again.. Doctor said more exercise and train more off pavement. I feel your pain, always remember it could be worse. Hope your knee is better soon!! 🙂

  4. 1st time commenter 🙂 I’m with everyone else. Dont’ listen to him. Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome…been there, done that. Strengthen quads, hips, and stretch a lot! You’ll be good to go.

  5. I had the same thing and was told the same thing (he was also a cyclist). I left his office in tears. Then someone told me to go to a sports medicine doctor. I found one that was a runner. I stopped running for 2 weeks and went to physical therapy for a few months. I have ran a marathon and 10 half marathons since then.

  6. Yeah, I had horrible knee issues after my last marathon – I PR’d and decided to run another long race immediately the week after. It tore up my knee and my doc said the exact same thing – no, it was worse, he told me to fall in love with an elliptical. Hours of hot yoga and I am back to 30 mile weeks with no pain. Even just a few weeks of running will suck but you will heal – you will never have to quit!

  7. Ugh I hear ya, patellofemeral is what I’ve got :/ The more I run, the worse it gets, fluid builds under the knee cap, creating pressure and the cap grinds on the bones underneath. Icing and hot-tubbing are the best, and your IT-band stretches should help. PT is also a good idea, they can use gel pads that tingle and make the fluid go away (so can a diathermy machine, ask for one of those!), and of course squats to build up your quads help with muscle control over flexion when you run! Oh and swimming! Swimming is the best therapy!!!

  8. Not cool that your doc told you that. I can’t imagine pushing my opinion on my patients like he did. I had patellofemoral pain when I started running more during medical school, but after taking a little time off and strengthening my quad muscles (PPS is about abnormal tracking of your patella in knee flexion and extension), it hasn’t caused me any more trouble. Good luck and hopefully you’ll be back to running soon! (ps…find another doctor!)

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