Time to Shine

It’s a gloomy Tuesday; a perfect day to reflect.  The beginning of the week is all about reflections.

But first a good laugh before we get down and dirty with the inner workings of my crazy brain.


#1. I have found strength and peace in yoga lately, and I really respect myself for pushing into a place that is both physically and mentally hard. Loving myself is not natural, or easy, but actively trying to do it has been a huge step.

#2. I’ve been feeling a bit exhausted today and yesterday; you know the days where you want to sleep it off? Oh yeah, that’s what this week has been. Yesterday was a “bottomless pit” day. One where I knew that 75% of the time I was eating emotionally instead of eating to satiate hunger. I haven’t struggled with a day like that in a long time. I took a walk at lunch and settle my anxiety, the fluttering birds who live in my stomach, the cruel counterpart who whispers in my ear. She is back and I am ready to tell her to ease off.

#3. It’s a new week and it’s 6 days until my birthday!! Lame that I am at the age where I love my birthday and hate getting older.

#4. I think my goal for this week is going to be to focused on strengths. Strength of will, strength training 😉 and staying strong and true to myself. As it’s so close to Valentine’s Day, I want to spend the next 7 days really focusing on showing myself some LOVE.

Enjoy your week, stop and smell the roses, revel in your success and don’t let any shortcomings get you down. Take some time to notice the beauty around you. That’s what I’ll be telling myself.


5 thoughts on “Time to Shine

  1. You Are so beautiful, smart and worthy! I hope you have a wonderful week, and love yourself as much as everyone else loves you!

  2. Do you think you are having bottomless pit days because you aren’t fueling enough most other days? I used to have the same problem with what I thought was emotional eating and once I raised my calorie intake by just a couple hundred a day I was over it.. I really think I was just hungry. I hope you don’t think I’m being rude- I really enjoy your blog!

    1. After consulting with some like-sized women, who workout about as much as me, I think you hit it right on the nose. Thank you for the suggestion, it helped me reach out for input. 🙂

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