Let’s Keep it Goin’

Thursday workout: Knee pain… bad knee pain, no speedwork for us

Friday workout: 20 min on the trainer and Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30

Saturday workout: 23.75 mile bike ride + yoga

Sunday workout: 30 min bike ride + 6 mile run, 9:39 pace

The knee pain from hell is back. I’m tired of talking about what hurts, so suffice it to say I have a doctor’s appointment Thursday. Fingers crossed.

Remember how stoked I’ve been for P and his colleague Amanda about their recent academic achievements? Well, we met Amanda and friends at RK Sushi Friday night to celebrate.  And celebrate we did, cause’ life is short but sweet for certain.

The sushi was AMAZING and totally reasonably priced. I think I may be going back for my birthday.

Saturday morning I was pretty nervous about how Yoga and my knee, but all is well. I took lots of the poses really easy and tried to focus on balance so I wouldn’t tweak anything. I truly feel like the hour of self reflection and focused concentrated stretching is something that would benefit almost anyone. I feel weenie hut jr. status most of the time, but eventually I’ll be ripped like the other yogis.

As a present to myself I did a little Lulu shopping. It’s my b-day month!

After my nice relaxing hour in yoga, P and I suited up for a long bike ride, and I promptly ran my bike right into a fence. Bonus of living in grad student housing? Our downstairs neighbor is a med student and stopped to offer assistance, booya. Thanks Dr. Grey, but I made it out with just some awesome bruising, hot. Note to self for next time… use your rear break.

Today I had two huge things on my plate. First I really wanted to run 6 miles with Andrea and Kev. A has been training for the Hot Chocolate, but cold mornings and some less than ideal runs had her down in the dumps. We all get to that point in our training where we wonder if we are up to the challenge, and it sucks. I felt like a really strong run would help her morale in a huge way. We started out in Balboa Park at 10:00am-ish and it was already HOT. A has only been running for a few months but she is super fiittie from stuff like Crossfit and Zumba, but nothing prepares you for long run in the heat.

She killed it and we finished with a 9:40 average pace. The smile on her face was worth any knee pain that I have later. I downed some Ibuprofen and it seemed to keep the pain to a moderate ache. I can run on painkillers, right?

I always think of running as something you can’t love until you have hated it for a while. It’s not easy, but after a good, hard run, you feel like you are on top of the world.

The second huge thing on my plate was literal- Snooze’s pineapple upsidedown pancakes… again. Yes, they were just as good this weekend. I demolished 2/3 of them before passing the torch to P.

We were so pumped about the notion of pineapple upsidedown-ness that we decided to make healthy pineapple upside down cake.

BOOYa. One totally decent slice of my cake is only 150 calories. The sodium needs some tweaking, but it was KILLER. Best thing about it? P made it for me. He has promised me one healthy treat/dish made from scratch each weekend and he nailed it this first time.

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, I wish I cared more, but it was too beautiful of a day to waste. I don’t think I have watched a SB in at least 3 years. However, when the World Cup rolls around….

I hope everyone downed some beer and hot wings for me today!!!


7 thoughts on “Let’s Keep it Goin’

  1. OMG I love lululemon! Did you end up purchasing the shirt in the picture? I don’t have a lululemon within reasonable driving distance so I ordered one online. Do you love it? I hope I love it..not like it’s cheap! 🙂 Hope your doctor appt goes well!

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