Reasonably Sound of Mind

Remember how I said that most bloggers probably show their best sides on their blog? Well, here is a little peek at my gnarly side.

Yesterday I had it on the sched. to do 7×400 at a 1:45/lap pace with a 1mile warm up and a 1mile cool down and then do Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30. Instead, I went home, ate a 1200 calorie dinner of food that didn’t even taste good, cried because I made myself feel sick, and slept for 10 hours. I am the picture of perfection, my friends.

I’m not going to hate myself for it, I refuse. I’m going to go on a short walk every day at lunch and slowly burn off those stupid calories doing something productive.

Today I am combining my Wednesday and Thursday workouts for this beaut:

Warm up 3 miles, 2 of them at race pace+7×400 at a 1:45 pace+cooldown 2 miles, 1 of them at race pace.

*Jillian, why must you always be snarling?

Friday is normally my day off, but tomorrow morning (finally done with medicine, so hopefully I will wake up bright and sunshiny) P and I are going to knock out a fast 2 miler and JM Ripped in 30.

Reasonable Thursday:

Reasons Why Life Is Good

1. I know that the water crisis in California is serious this year due to such a dry winter, but I can’t help but love the warm, sunny days lately.

2. P surprised me today with the happiest gift ever. We are going to Disneyland for my birthday. We went last year, and I didn’t think we would be able to make it happen this year. I was expecting a quiet weekend. Nope. He rules.

3. I’m starting to feel 100%, I’m not sick, my ITB doesn’t kill if I stretch it all of the time, my PF is also chillin’ out as long as I stretch. Who knows, maybe I can actually work on pace and speed soon!?

4. This weekend I am bound and determined to go to Snooze again. YUM.

5. Yoga on Saturday morning. Thank you Lululemon for doing this for free. I don’t know why or how, but the hour a week I spend in yoga is becoming really important to me. It’s not a huge calorie burn, or a social hour, but it’s 60 minutes of reflection, meditation and peace and it really centers me. Yoga is my church, yo.

6. I have found a cancer-free cure for my pasty white skin. Buy this. Bath and Body Works is always doing those buy two get two free promos and I snagged these for $7 each. I bought 4 and they are amazing. They are also cheaper than Jergens if you get them on sale, just sayin’.

7. I have smart friends. A BIG huge congrats to Philly-Cheesesteak and Ms. Amanda-B for reaching All But Dissertation status. I better stop before I get all teary…

Enjoy your Thursday and send your speedy good thoughts my way so I can show this workout who’s boss. Who am I kidding, if I can’t bust out some energy after the 350g of carbs I consumed yesterday… there is no hope!


One thought on “Reasonably Sound of Mind

  1. YES I am so glad someone else thinks Jillian always has a weird snarly look!

    We definitely all have those days… but one thing I have learned is there is no sense beating yourself up over a little food. Just use it as extra motivation to push hard, and for how hard we work as runners we are definitely allowed to have those less-than-stellar days. It’s what makes us human. Otherwise we are freaks that wake up early on weekends to have our legs cover distances most people don’t even want to drive 😉

    PS. Super jealous of your D-land trip – P is awesome!

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