Irvine Isn’t So Bad

**Thanks HRM

*ChaCha you look great!

Saturday was a Ragnar Meetup in Irvine to discuss the logistical craziness that goes along with coordinating 18 women, 6 volunteers, 3 drivers and 28+ hours of shweaty running. Forget being sponsored by LuLulemon, we need to be sponsored by FeBreze.

I had only been to Irvine once, and on that trip I only saw the Barnes and Noble at the Irvine Spectrum so I was excited to venture somewhere new, with projected temps of 80F! All of my college OC friends referred to Irvine as “crappy” and “inland” so I wasn’t expecting much, but what I got was a pleasant surprise. It may be suburbia, but I liked it! I didn’t hurt that I got to spend some time with some glorious blogging ladies, and go to Yogurtland

The highlights:

After a 10 Miler I was ready for some Yogurt, P indulged me and bought us some froyo. We ate in a little shopping center that seemed to be in the heart of UC Irvine. It was adorable, as all things in Irvine seem to be.

The Back Bay Loop was as awesome as it looks on all of my favorite OC Blogs. Its a gorgeous paved path, pretty busy with joggers and cyclists, but not too crowded. Saturday was a HOT day, but it made for a good sweat sesh.

Irvine Spectrum was fun! I bought some new stuff for my Spring/Summer wardrobe (is it just me or any other short girls wish we could live in dresses and skirts, pants just don’t do me justice?!).

I took a risk and ate at the Veggie Grill which only serves vegetarian meals. Phil’s Chik’n sandwich and Chik’n fingers were great, my Veggie Burger was not so much. Redeeming factor, the waitstaff noticed I didn’t eat my food, so they brought us free cookies, and even offered to bring me a whole different entree. The food was really good it was just my personal tastes that it didn’t suit.

Seeing as P and I will be living steps from the  beach until September, when we have to move and won’t ever be able to afford beachfront living in SoCal again, we have decided to try and cut our TV time and head out for a walk every day. When I get home, cook, clean and on my evening workout days, workout, I don’t feel like doing much other than sitting and veggin’ out to some Tudors. Then I hear the seals, and the waves crashing and remember where I live. Eff TV, it’s time to start a tradition, the old couple who walks after dinner tradition. That’s right. P loves it as he is an 80-year old at heart.


Did I miss anything in Irvine? SoCals super hot January is really making me happy right now… I’m sort of loving this place.


3 thoughts on “Irvine Isn’t So Bad

  1. I agree with you about the skirts/dresses vs pants as a short girl. Pants are such a hassle. They never fit right. Skirts and dresses are so much easier to wear.

    SoCal looks beautiful. I’m a little jealous of the super warm weather there but we’ve been having a fairly mild winter on the east coast so I wont complain. 🙂

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