Don’t Stop, Don’t Stop

Workouts: The 15k Training has Begun

Monday: 3 easy miles + Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30

Tuesday: 30min tempo + Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30

Wednesday: JillianMichael’s Ripped in 30

Friday: 3 easy miles + 3×800 at a 7:50 pace + 1 easy cooldown mile

Saturday: 10 Miles with Sarah

Sunday: 10 miles with P

^^ You see that!? Tempo runs andddd Speed workouts and I still strength trained. Oh yes, baby bird is trying to grow up and train like a big kid.

I dunno if y’all have seen it, but SarahOUAL has added some shnazz to her blog, including a headline that really struck me: “It’s the life between the miles that counts” This is so true for me.

I need to be a Zen Runner.

I really need to remember that life is beautiful and running lets me see more of it and no matter my pace or time, that is worth smiling about. Blogging has introduced me to a world of runners, really good, fast runners, and the pressure to run more, run faster and be better has certainly increased, but it has been an amazing addition to my life. Not only does my family have the opportunity to read up on what I have been doing as they are all a million miles away, (at least the computer savvy members) but I also have a virtual scrapbook to look back on forever.

On Saturday I went running with Sarah and she really helped put running into perspective. I admire her as an athlete and runner, and to hear that she has tough days too and not every 10 miler is easy helped me to remember that we are not all superhuman and that our blogs are generally reflections of the best side of us. I often want to go out and run 18 miles like it’s nothing, but I know that I’m not there, yet. I’ll work my way up to my goals eventually, but right now, enjoying a 10 miler with a friend and chatting it up was worth it and that’s all I need. No pace, no goals, just a workout.  It was 10 more miles on the books, and I’m that much stronger now.


We are all different and strong in our own ways, so take a minute to pat yourself on the back. I have to remind myself that the very fact that I have removed myself from the “I don’t have time to workout” club is kick ass. Being healthy is fun and important and I need to enjoy the ride and quit worrying about pace so much.

Does Zen running work for you? Should I leave the Garmin at home more often?


One thought on “Don’t Stop, Don’t Stop

  1. I love your optimism in this post… since I never run competitively anymore, all of my runs nowadays just tend to be de-stressing and therapeutic, but I remember that when I had all these races and goal times, I started dreading runs sometimes and it could be really stressful. Also totally agree with you that blogs tend to be a reflection of our best selves… we all have our bad days, but those aren’t usually the ones we post about!

    Hahaha love that you’ve coined it the “I don’t have time to workout club”… I totally make that excuse for myself. oyy :/

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