Running Scared, Dancing Happy and Eating Hearty

Saturday workout: 35min on the trainer + 1 hour of yoga + 45min of running (!) + 2-3 hours dancing = WINNING

Running scared seems to be my game this year. Not running in fear of my safety, which is important, but I almost always (and from now on that will be a definite ALWAYS) run with a buddy. I mean running in fear of my body telling me that it isn’t going to run anymore. My PF has been resting and recovering (you hear that PF!?) for the last 3 weeks. I haven’t done any running. I hate it. However, my trainer and lots of strength training have kept me in shape, but finally Saturday P and I went out in the rain for a nice light test run. We did 4.6 miles nice and slow and it may have been raining and cold but I ran with a HUGE smile on my face. No pain, just happiness. I’m going to slowly integrate running back into my workout regimen, but I’M BACK!!!!

Hot Chocolate 15k look out…

This weekend I decided to not be an old lady and actually went out. We dragged out Kev and Andrea to Voyeur in downtown SD to see the Crystal Method spin a DJ set. Was it worth it? I danced my feet off in 5.5in heels happily for 3 hours, yeah it was worth it. CM threw down an amazing set and did a huge portion of it totally on the fly which is when you know a DJ is having fun. The walking 6 city blocks back to the car in the cold wasn’t as much fun, but I LOVE going out and dancing. I started the night out classy with a Bud Light before moving on to my trademark cocktail, vodka+still water+ 4 limes. Try it before you knock it.

*do you like Phil’s clutch? Everyone else did.

Of course this weekend P and I kept the weekly brunch tradition alive. We woke up hangover free due to the fact that between P and I we had 3 drinks between the two of us.


This time it was Snooze in Hillcrest. Oh wow, this was the best breakfast ever. Like so good that I don’t ever need to go anywhere else again. The 1+ hour wait was totally fine as we were sitting on a comfortable patio with free water and coffee, and the food was over the top good. I had pineapple upside down pancakes, and even though they were gigantic I made it through half of them, and P had a breakfast pot pie.  Andrea and Kev joined us. Between my pancakes and the best chai I have ever had, I will be going back asap.

Does anyone have a favorite breakfast spot in SD or the Irvine area (we’ll be there next weekend), because I am loving my bfasts right now? 

P and I will be in Irvine for another Ragnar Team meetup and I am so excited. Almost as excited as I am that we are sponsored by Aspaeris. Our whole team has been fitted out with these shorts.

I am stoked to have something to help with recovery and LOVE compression wear. I haven’t tried mine yet, but hey, SkinnyRunner likes them so they are legit. 😉 Right now, for this whole week,  in honor of our team they are having a 50% off sale at their website Go ahead and buy them using our shnazzy “cooleronline”  discount code. Booya! Then come down to SoCal April 20-21 (in your shorts of course) and cheer our teams on!!!


4 thoughts on “Running Scared, Dancing Happy and Eating Hearty

  1. ok best club experience ever!! love the pictures.. but omg I cant believe Kev and I smashed that brunch (we look like happy fatties about to devour that food in front of us).. SOO good!!! can’t wait to go back! Thanks for the invite!

  2. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a little bit! First, congrats on the full. Second, my husband and I live in Irvine… our favorite brunch place is Coorky’s its actually in Mission Viejo/Ladera Ranch, but TOTALLY worth it.

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