Another Week, Another Whirl


Saturday: 26.5 mile bike ride + yoga

Sunday: 26.3 mile bike ride

Tuesday: 30 min on the trainer + short crunches/pushups session

Wednesday: planned 1 hour on the trainer + Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30

Thursday: Doctor’s appointment for my horribly in pain lady parts/workout cancelled

Friday: 35 hard min on the trainer + Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30

Bike riding rules, yeah!

Phil and I did an out and back to Encinitas last Saturday and Sunday. My motivation to ride was knowing that we would be stopping for Pizza Port! which I haven’t had since meeting up with the Ragnar Team. Pizza Port’s  Carlsbad Cream beer and Veggie Pizza is a to die for combo. We also relaxed at the beach for a bit, pedaled our butts off and saw this bike.

Yeah, what’s up $10k… he was riding on the sidewalk to boot… I was not impressed. A pink and black bike is pretty cool though.

So TMI alert, but ladies you deserve to know. Bike riding without cushioned shorts, or properly Lysoling the CRAP out of your bike seat, can give you a UTI. It sucks… I’ve been living this nightmare for the better part of a week. To prevent this issue from ruining my love affair with my bike, I bought these bad boys.

Hot right?

Seriously though, I’ll rock them to ensure lady part happiness.

On my constant hunt for delicious restaurants, P and I have stumbled upon Lean and Green. A healthy Grilla Bite-esque eatery of joy. If you are in La Jolla, go and eat a salad filled with hopes and dreams.

We also had a brunch with Phil’s PhD cohort at Bread and Cie in Hillcrest on Saturday.

If you are in the mood for a solid cup of Joe and a great pastry this place is worth your time. It was like a melting pot of cultures and I’m pretty sure our table was the only one speaking English. If Europeans give it a pass, you know it’s good.

I’ve got racing on the mind, but I’ve got to come back to training status slowly… baby steps.

My big focus for races this year is to be serious about my choices. I love running in big events and sometimes I get caught up in wanting to register for one every month. I learned my lesson with Rock and Roll and I won’t be giving my money to Competitor again if I can help it. I plan on running races that support causes that I care about, or at the very least have a  reputation for being well organized or are in a place I would like to see and run.

What do you think? Is it ok to throw our money at Rock and Roll races when they have been seriously underperforming as for late or should the cause/group we race with be a deciding factor? My Vegas experience really made me reevaluate why I run the events I choose, and I realized that some of my favorite races have been the small time ones.


One thought on “Another Week, Another Whirl

  1. To answer your question in regards to events; I think it is a combination of who the event is supporting with your entry fee and how the event performs for the amount you have to pay. But if I had to weigh one heavier I would say the events performance in regards to how they treat the participants is more important. Luckily most events worth their salt support some sort of good cause. Good Luck out there.

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