What’s Up, 2012!?

Monday’s workout: 4 miles, painful. Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30.

Our 10 days of family and friends to wrap up 2011 was really special. I’ve been MIA. It was intentional. I wanted to spend every last minute I could with everyone IRL. Now that I am back in San Diego (can someone tell me what this heat wave is all about!?) I am happily catching up/recounting all of the fun for history sake.

To spare everyone a wordy post here are some photos:

Lots of laps around the little city of Chico. Chico State, Bidwell Mansion and the Gateway Museum.

Bathroom break at Madison Bear Garden, peeking into my favorite apartment building, the Chico State symbol, my old dorm.

Long run through Bidwell Park, a little buddy paced me for a bit, the lower park path, the dock at horseshoe lake where I fell in love with P.

Finishing up our 14 miler. (Wednesday Dec. 29) and P has some mad reflection photo skills.

Raw Bar for sushi and drinks. It was where P and I had our first date, so we had to go back.

It’s the new year. My resolution last year was to run/bike/walk 1000 workout miles. I killed it. P is still working on a final tally which I will share ASAP.

This year I have some big plans. Ok, well really this year is just going to be a hectic year of transition, with Phil finishing his PhD and the possibility of moving.

I really want to improve my half marathon time. I’m still dealing with some serious ITB and PF pain, so a doctor’s visit is in order.

I want to be more positive. I’m keeping it simple. Positivity from now until forever, this isn’t a resolution but a healthy life change.

I don’t plan on giving up on any of these on Dec. 31 2012, so they aren’t resolutions, but changes for a better life.


2 thoughts on “What’s Up, 2012!?

  1. You two are so cute! I wish my bf would run with me, he gets bored after a mile though… I really like the idea of ‘changes’ rather than resolutions. Hope your ITB/PF injuries feel better soon so you can smash your half marathon goal πŸ™‚

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