Farm Animals, Furry Friends=Dinner?

Sunday: 6 mile run

Sunday, we ran in Chico. 6 miles and a farm…

Chico State has a farm. Hell yes. It’s legit enough to make OUaL proud, I think. You can buy meat from the students who are getting their degree in erm… meat-chopping-up-and-cow-raising stuff. You know, that degree? Rendering? Anyway, if you are in the north state, buy some Chico State meat, it’s bomb, and comes from happy cows.


Exhibit A: Happy cows.

We came home from our run and P’s mom informed us that we would be eating some Chico TriTip for Christmas dinner. Oh boy… the momentary guilt passed quickly, because TriTip is delicious.

 We finished dinner and did Christmas round 3 :).

On the real, I have a lot of love for animals. I really, really want to be able to afford to only buy humanely raised meat. If a little furry friend has a good life of pasture grazing, and random runners petting it before it moves on to become my dinner (locally purchased and fed local grass and grain) then I am on board. When I eat run of the mill grocery meat I have serious guilt about it. Anyone else with me?


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