So Long Holidays


Wednesday: Run, Walk, Strength train = 90 min

Thursday: 3 mile run + 30 min strength train

Christmas came and went for Phil and I. We started last week…

All week we geared up for our trip. It was crazy and stressful and SO incredibly busy. We somehow found time for some running. As you can see it was “freezing” in SD. Good thing I had all of those layers on.

And of course opening our gifts to one another. We had our Christmas Thursday night since we were leaving on Friday.

Phil got me everything I asked for and a few things I didn’t. He was spot on this year, very impressed.

We played mom and dad to Andrea and Kev’s two amazing dogs. Phil and I are DEFINITELY ready to start our little furry family. Soon. Juneau and Rocky were great practice. They came with us to dinner at Whole Foods and stared longingly at Phil’s pizza the entire time. How is it that you can feed a dog and 5 min later it looks at you like it hasn’t eaten in a week, and they are so convincing!?

Our second Christmas was with Phil’s sister in Lincoln, Ca. (just outside of Sacramento). I was stoked to be back in NorCal, oh and to be able to go to Nugget. Nugget > Whole Foods… like so much it’s amazing. I should move back north just to be able to get super fat eating Nugget baked goods every day.

Julie had quite the feast and filled her house with family and friends. Thanks Jules! She also pinned me as far as presents go. New Benefit makeup and a handmade retro apron, amazing. It was great to see Phil’s fam and he got to spend some quality time with his nephew. I couldn’t figure out who was having more fun. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The holidays were pretty much a week long extravaganza and I loved it. I can’t wait to round it out with NYE with my dad, sister and niece/nephews!



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