Things That Make Me Way Too Happy

Tuesday workout: ran 1 mile (ouch), Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30, 1 hour of ice skating, 25 min of running  barefoot on grass

Do you have some really ridic or random things that make you super stoked? I do, because I am weird. Here are some that I was thinking about today.

Potatoes, it’s what’s for dinner. and breakfast. and lunch.

I love when I tell myself I will live off of only what I have at home, without buying any groceries, and then I get all Betty Crocker creative and make it happen. I usually do this before a trip, in an effort to eat the food at home before we leave. Phil starts to catch on when he is eating potatoes 3x a day b/c I just found a 5lb bag that needs to be gone by Friday.

Making lists. I can’t express how badly I wanted to be the ASB secretary (Kathryn I’m still peeved you got it…oh yeah, happy birthday as well 😉 ).  I make lists on everything in the house, notepads, envelopes, mirrors. This is also a passive aggressive way to let P know how much I have on my plate and gives him a chance to help a sister out. Which he does. Every day. Awww.

New shoes. Like these… I really want these. Dad, Mom, birthday gift!?

Or these: which I just bought. They should be amazing to trail run in as soon as my PF feels better.

Speaking of barefoot running… I love being barefoot. Maybe it’s because I have awkward little creepster hoofs, but I enjoy being barefoot more than almost anything. I bought those barefoot running shoes at REI, and love them. P has a pair and he liked his so much I had to try a pair. Finally shoes are catering to forefoot strikers like MAself.

Yesterday was my holiday party at work at C Level at Island Prime. Waterfront holiday party? Yes, please. I was really tempted to have a drink with lunch, but P and I still had a full workout. We slept in and pushed our workout to the evening since we were out real late (9:30) at the movies. C Level was good, but nothing to write home about. My $17 shrimp salad had 4 shrimp, so take that for what it’s worth. The rest of the food looked ok, but the view is really what you pay for.

We saw Sherlock Holmes Monday night and it was really good. Any movie that has an English Bulldog in it is a winner in my book.

My friend Andrea brought amazing cookie plates into the office and OMG the orange macaroons were to die for, like I broke my IF fast to eat one. Cost benefit analysis people. Just sayin’.

I ice skated some of those calories off later, ice skating is underrated, everyone should go do it at least once before the season is over.

Just a few days for Christmas. P and I will be in Chico, which means we will be missing out on this :

Looks like SD won’t be getting their white Christmas this year…

Friday begins the 3 day challenge for me. Can I spend all day in a car (Friday), all day at a Holiday Party (Saturday at P’s sister’s house) and all day on Christmas(Sunday) without going on  a crazy holiday food bender and feeling like crap on Monday. I’m working on a game plan. Normally I would just go on some really long runs, but right now my foot is preventing that. Anyone have holiday survival tips?


One thought on “Things That Make Me Way Too Happy

  1. Have fun in Chico!! Hmm…. I am the worst at holiday party binging. But maybe it’s because I hang out in the kitchen or near the appetizer area. So maybe just stay the eff away from those places and hang out in another room. And don’t let yourself go to the party super hungry… that always leads to overeating! Feliz Navidad chica!

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