Sunday Workout, Almost a Week Later

**From last week 🙂

Sunday workout: 5mi with Phil in the morning, 5.5mi with Andrea in the afternoon 10.5 mi total

French toast happened in between my two runs on Sunday and oh wow it was amazing. I made a lighter version with egg whites and almond milk for me, and a full on version with sugar, flour, eggs and caramelized peaches for Phil. Not even sure I would have wanted to eat Phil’s had he offered me any because mine were so freaking good. Like I’m eating FT again for dinner, good. We bought wheat bread from Whole Foods in Vegas and it was terrible, so this was my way of using it up.

I feel like when you start running and training people begin to get this flattering view of you like you have the perfect formula all worked out. Like somehow you eat a magic food and it helps you drag your ass out of bed at 5am, and a magic shoe or workout that helps you run faster than you did last week. I wish I could help people more, but it’s all such a trial and error game.  What I know is, I have been tweaking and adjusting my habits for the last 5 years and am only beginning to scratch the surface of understanding my body and how it works.

I don’t follow a particular diet or anything. I do focus on protein and fat because otherwise my diet ends up being 85% carbs. I try to keep my carbs below 200g/day and really more optimally they would be at 150g, my fat at or above 50g and my protein as high as possible (100+g? sure why not). This is what has worked for me.

That being said, I am experimenting with Intermittent Fasting, which I love, so far. You can be super hardcore and awesome about it, or you can be like me. On the real, this is what IF is for me: I stop eating at 8pm and I don’t start again until noon the following day. Not hard at all. I drink coffee in the morning and head to work and stay busy until lunch. Because I am only eating 2x a day, my meals are bigger and more satisfying, and I don’t stress about food as much. Win.

Learn more about IF here.

The new thing for me is running in a fasted state which I have to do when I run in the morning. I can hammer out 4-6 miles no prob (most days) as long as it’s first thing. I.F. has significant scientific backing to show that it does everything from promote fat loss and muscle retention, to slowing aging, so, hey why not?

I have to say, with all of the stress I carry regarding food; it’s nice to not think about it for most of my day.

Does anyone run in the a.m. without eating breakfast? If so, what works for you? I will still be eating breakfast before long runs because I just don’t feel like I can dive in to a 10+miler without some food, yet.

I also need to step up my strength routine, any ideas for workouts or videos to follow? I got Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 and that’s my plan for the next 6 weeks or so.


10 thoughts on “Sunday Workout, Almost a Week Later

  1. I cannot run on a full stomach. I guess I have been doing I.F for a while now – similar to what you do. I stop eating around 7 or 8pm and don’t eat anything until noon. I run in the mornings and also sometimes after work too. I find my morning workouts are better and more focused since I don’t get side stitches or whatever. I say try running 10+ miles on an empty stomach – it totally works for me. I usually do my long runs on Saturdays and Sundays and did at least 13-15 miles on no food. I also try not using any gels or anything at least a few times to teach myself to run through hunger and to not rely on food as a source of energy. if that makes sense? I also always race on an empty stomach but take gels and gus during races. I guess if you do something enough times your body will always adjust and get used to it! Good luck figuring out what works best for you!

  2. Hmmm, IF sounds really interesting. Have you felt that you’re more hungry after waiting so many hours to eat in between dinner and lunch? It sounds like a good way to control your eating habits, but I feel like I would be dying if I tried to go that long!

    1. Not hungrier so much, I have the same amount of hunger at noon that I do on days when I eat breakfast, but I find it important to remind myself that I can’t just go buck wild because I skipped breakfast. It’s been a learning experience but I really enjoy the ease of the schedule.

  3. Can’t wait to hear more about your experience with IF. I am just starting to experiment with a similar schedule as well, and with increasing distances. Saturday was my first attempt starting a long(ish) run on an empty stomach – 10 miler – but I did bring a gel and ate it around mile 6. I think I will continue to bring a gel or something with me, but really like the idea of starting out in a fasted state. Good luck!

  4. mmmmm french toast… you’ve inspired me… I need to find some syrup around here! IF seems pretty interesting and makes sense… I’ve been starting to skip eating before work on weekdays and wait until midmorning breakfast break at 11:00 to eat because I feel like a fatass eating 5 meals a day. But there’s no way I could stop eating by 8 hahaha…. people eat so late here! hope your footsie is feeling better! xoxo

  5. I always run in the morning before eating. The longest I’ve ever done was 11 miles (the day of my half, I had a banana and Emergen-C for brekkie) and as long as I have something with electrolytes in it while I’m rehydrating (I prefer coconut water) I’m usually perfectly fine. I hate the feeling of food in my stomach when I’m working out. I was the same way in college, when I rowed. I would even row my 2k/6k erg tests on an empty stomach as long as I ate well balanced meals the day before.

    For me, hydration is the key for long runs (anything under 6-8 miles, I don’t even bring water, since I hate carrying it!)

    Good luck!

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