Learning to Love the Taste of Lemons

Let me catch you up (ok, this is really for my reference, apologies):

Last week’s workouts: T, W, Th 6miles in the morning. EARLY.

Some strength training, but nothing too serious.

Saturday: Yoga, my first time ever. Lululemon in La Jolla. It was amazing, my shoulders got one beast of a workout.

I’m totally a fan and plan on going once a week from now until infinity.

Saturday long run: attempted 12, got an old friend back. Oh HAI whatsupppp Plantar’s Fasciatus. Biatch. I thought I shook this issue YEARS ago… why is it that when it rains it pours? Anyone? P and I did 7 and called it a day.


Sunday: Took the day off, hated every minute of it.

Monday: Tried to run 6 again in the early a.m. Felt like someone branded the bottom of my foot with a hot iron, hit the ground… and here we are…

My foot hurts a lot, but no one wants to know about that. If I get any exciting, groundbreaking info on how to beat PF I will share it with the world. Until it gets better, I will be gimping along with lots of ice and the old golf ball massage trick.

Early morning runs have been awesome; I’m a fan.

Intermittent fasting has been a really great learning experience, I will probably break down the pros and cons, in my opinion, after about a month has gone by.

I gained a little weight around the marathon (carb loading, time off for ITB problems, and post race marathon feeding frenzy that lasted a few days too long). It’s frustrating, but my focus (and I think my New Year’s resolution) is going to be staying positive. So, eh, whatev, it’s winter, I’m not in a bikini and with some more hard work and continuing my healthy eating habits any gained weight will be a memory here soon (you hear that body!?).

I dropped my iPhone in the toilet. It was $170 to replace through Verizon insurance, which also costs $10/mo. AppleCare through Apple is $100, no monthly fee, and a $49 deductible. Guess who cancelled her insurance and went to AppleCare? I’m sorry I cheated on you Apple; I learned my lesson. If anyone has an iPhone, less than a month old, switch to AppleCare now!!! So much better.

I broke my camera; Phil is McGyver so he fixed it (forreal, love).

That’s pretty much where we are currently.

Here is to this week being better than last week!

Any tips on fighting these inevitable injuries that runner’s seem to face? Or staying positive when you are limping your way through a 12 minute mile?

Hey life, I see you giving me lemons… and I’d like you to know, I LOVE LEMONS… so you can just chew on that for a bit.


4 thoughts on “Learning to Love the Taste of Lemons

  1. At Road Runner Sports (and I’m sure any other running store) they sell these socks that are kind of funny looking but apparently work really well for PF. You wear them at night and they have a band from the toe to the top of the sock that keeps your feet flexed to help repair the muscle. Someone suggested them to my mom when her PF was acting up. She never ended up getting them so I can’t vouch for their ability but it might be worth a shot.

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