Saturday Long Run Return

Saturday Workout: 10 miles, 10 minute pace, harder than I would have liked

As of right now, the next race on the books is the Hot Chocolate 15k with P and P’s Mom in March. I don’t really plan on signing up for anything, but maybe a half marathon if one comes up (yes, I’m addicted). I want to focus on fitness and health for the next 3 months, and not stress about another big race until Ragnar (so excited!).

Our new training plan has long runs scheduled for Saturday, so today we did a recovery run. 10 miles should have been a cakewalk but it was really hard. Running wasn’t the most fun thing ever today, but I needed to take a day off of dieting so I needed a semi decent calorie burn. Today was a HUNGRY day.

P and I had a Groupon for Crest Cafe, I got a chicken salad and it was just OK. P had pecan, pumpkin gingerbread pancakes, they were killer. All of the breakfast dishes looked great, so I’ll get one of those if we go back. Since I only ate 1/3 of my salad I was still starving. Einstein bagels, 1/2 of an apple crumb bagel and 1/2 of an eggwich bagel later I felt much better. I love Einstein Bros, and when I’m not eating like a fatty fatty 2×4 their low cal bagel thins are incredible.

As far as eating goes, I’m a pro, but cooking can be stressful for me so most days P does it all (mostly because he is better than me). Today, though, I got down and made banana bread, and dinner. I scored some major bonus points (no I’m not trying to rack them up just before Christmas *wink*).

I have lots of Christmas gift making to do so that’s how the rest of my night will look. Christmas craftiness and obscene amounts of Mad Men and The Wire will be watched while P diligently grades the finals he has to turn in by Monday.

I love the idea of being a teacher, but hate the idea of working on weekends… I’ll leave educating the youth to P.

Is a week a long time for marathon recovery? I’m wishing I could bounce back like everyone else seems to have done…


6 thoughts on “Saturday Long Run Return

  1. A week is not long enough for recovery especially if this was your first marathon. They say to take it easy for 26 days. One day for each mile ran on race day. Taking it easy means no hard running. I don’t think any runners really follows this rule. This is especially true for those who have done multiply marathons. But they should. Do you use a recovery drink after you race? It helps with speeding up recovery. One of the ingredients in it is glutamine.

    I gotta stop buying Groupons. I don’t think I have ever really liked any of the places that Groupon leads me to. I’m just so addicted to deals. Must stop.

  2. +1 to Madison. One day of recovery for every mile raced. You’re in for about a MONTH of recovery, girl, not 6 days!! After mine, I took an entire week off….completely. I did nothing. Then mostly cross training with a few easy runs thrown in.

    Take care of yourself and enjoy the recovery time…you deserve it after a kick@$$ race!

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