Sunday Pt. 1 Shake it Out

Sunday workout: 26.2 miles, 2300+ calories burned, with music, sub 4 baby.

More on that beast later.

I know, the suspense is killing you; trust me once I get started it’s going to take forever to get me to shut up. I want to talk about the day in its entirety so that I have something to look back on, it’s something I never want to forget.

After bailing on an evening of dancing and fun with the rest of BlogWorld P and I spent Saturday evening in. Everyone went out and had an amazing time, but by 7pm I was exhausted and wanted nothing more than a big comfy bed, a movie and a bottle of water. The one downside of the weekend was that I couldn’t push anything too hard. I didn’t want to drink, walk too long, get blisters from my heels, skip out on full nights of sleep, experiment with heavy drugs or you know, rage the way everyone else does in Vegas… because of the race.

This didn’t stop the seedy locals from trying. I’m pretty sure some guy walked past me 2 or 3 times and mumbled “E, shrooms?”. Um, no thanks bro.

Sunday morning I woke up with a wicked case of the nerves. I like running races in the early morning, where you barely have time to wake up, get dressed and choke down some toast and coffee before you hit the road. I don’t have time to stress or worry, unlike a 4pm race.

I set all of my clothes out right when I woke up, made ½ of a PB and Banana sandwich and checked the forecast. Oh no. I quickly realized that what I brought to wear was not going to cut it. The forecast called for low 40s and breezy, like icicles slicing your clothes breezy. I had forgotten my fleece at home, and P hadn’t brought anything warm enough. I had a bit of a panic attack. I was really nervous, I HATE the cold and just felt really overwhelmed. Basically I overreacted and started second guessing everything. “Is my IT band going to be hurting the whole time?” “Will I finish?” “I don’t know if I have 26.2 freaking miles in me right now.” P knows me well, he gave me a pep talk and offered the one thing that will always cheer a girl up. Shopping.

I grabbed a Kashi granola bar and a coffee and we booked it to the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace, and the Nike store. We decided to leave the car parked at Caesar’s (bonus of LV, no parking fees. P says it’s to get people to stay and gamble without worrying about parking limits, I say whatever gets me free parking) and just change and walk over to the start line, about a mile away.

Walking into Caesar’s I realized I needed to eat more. As someone who has dieted for a really long time, eating as much as I have over the past few days has been weird. P and I split a Margherita Pizza at Planet Hollywood because it was safe and simple. Plus I love shopping for form fitting workout clothes with a pizza food baby and carb load bloat.

I had gloves, a headband that covered my ears, a long sleeved tech tee and my CW-X compression socks. My CW-X pants were too long, and since the whole point is for the fabric to support at certain places, I knew they wouldn’t work on me. Sad day. My goal at Nike was to find a semi waterproof jacket and pants. Pants that weren’t too long and also did not have a stupid zipper at the bottom. Those zippers tear up my cankles… not everyone has dainty ankles… just sayin’. I found a jacket that I love and some pants in the kids section (win!), P found a jacket and after a quick fashion show we made our purchases and left to change.

I was nervous that all of the running around, scattered-braininess of the first part of the day was going to screw me up, but as I stepped out of the car with P to walk to the start at Mandalay Bay I felt oddly calm. I guess I had no clue what I was about to attempt.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Pt. 1 Shake it Out

  1. Congratulations! I’ve been reading your blog for about a month now and am glad to hear it went well! What a huge accomplishment! Can’t wait to read the rest of your recap.

    On a somewhat unrelated note, do you mind telling me where you got that black toggle coat? It’s awesome!

    Congrats again!

    1. Sorry for the delayed response! The coat was from Papaya, it’s similar to Forever 21. It’s 4 years old, wool blend, amazing and cost something like $40 if I remember right 😀

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