This Town

**This was supposed to post on Saturday, but hotel internet was a fail. More recaps coming!!!

Saturday workout: 3 miles, cold, WINDY, pre-race warmup

Friday morning in SD. Pink bag is running stuff, Dakine duffle is lots of crap, I wont wear half of it, the idea is to be prepared!

Driving into Vegas. This is only my second time to Sin City and it is proving to be amazing.

It’s like Disneyland for adults.

We met up with a gagillion bloggers at Ghirardelli, it was intense. Lots of husbands taking photos, women chatting about the race and ice cream being consumed. Being a newbie to this whole thing I was overwhelmed but in a good way. Everyone is so freaking nice and helpful. It was great seeing familiar faces in HRM, and SR, and I finally got to meet RER, but left right as she was getting there, and HRG is seriously like the nicest person I have ever met. ever. Still, an absolute win. I’ll gaffle some photos soon!

P is in love with Cesars Palace.

Too bad he is stuck in our ultra modern suite with me and not some gold-plated Roman monstrosity.

Dinner at P.J. Clarkes. My salad was great, I would say hold the kalamata olives, between those, the pickles and the shrimp, it was on the way salty side and that was without dressing. I think more S&P may have been added as well. P had their famous burger, it was really good. My friend Sabrina works there so she hooked it up with 2 free appetizers, thanks girl!

Shopping at Sephora for some last minute goodies.

The expo was SO crowded. I get a little stressed out when crowds get so big that I can’t see and I start getting jostled around by people. We did a lap and then hit the strip. I made an important stop at The Stick booth and had my IT Band rolled out. I wish P had taken a photo of this (or Ghirardelli… Blogger BF FAIL!) because I was freaking out. It hurt so bad, so so bad. I have NOT been rolling hard enough. The rep who worked it out warned me it would hurt, but ohmigod. Probs 10-12 people stopped to watch me squirm in pain, and sweat. Good news, my leg feels SO much better. I wish I had been doing that all week rather than icing and sitting on my ass, which I’m pretty sure did nothing.

I got some pre-race jitters last night, stayed in rather than joining an awesome night out with the blogging ladies from earlier. I think they had a blast and I got some much needed icing and stick rolling in.

My Dad and sisters have been throwing the support my way and this morning I woke up so positive and pumped! I don’t have a time goal, but ohmigosh I am looking forward to giving these 26.2 everything I’ve got.

It is COLD here in Vegas. The only thing I don’t have is a sweater, which I hope I won’t need. I’ll be in my Adidas long sleeve shirt, gloves, 3/4 Stabilyx CW-X tights, CW-X compression socks, Saucony Kinvara 2s, and a headband/ear warmer. I have a light sweater but I don’t really want to wear it. It’s a possibility that we may grab some running jackets today, as the forecast shows the temps to be at 52F at 4pm and <40F by the time we finish.


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