Hitting the Links and Dedication Miles

Because we are classy and fabulous, P and I decided to hit the links. I hear golf is great at relieving tension, or creating it. I wanted to really get in touch with nature, and walk the course.

Ok, ok we went mini golfing. It was an impromptu stop. You see, my dad being the creepy psychic (or maybe it’s the 30 years of automotive experience) noticed the Yaris sounded a little weak when he was visiting. He recommended a new battery. I blew it off. The battery died… at a carwash. Stop your judging.

We drove to Wal-Mart (post jump start), because it was close, bought a battery (probably made with unicorn tears and dead babies knowing Wal-Mart) and P installed it like a badass. Next to Wallys was a Boomers! Mini golf had to be played. 36 holes later I was toast. P beat me… twice. I think he has a future in golf. I know I don’t.

Dedication Miles:

Mile 24: My sister Carisa and her family. I just recently found out that my sister has upwards of 10 rare and difficult illnesses and ailments that she is trying to manage and overcome. I am sincerely worried about her. She is the mother of 4 children and has been a mother figure to me for some time (she is 11 years older). We had a big of a falling out, but it’s something like this that helps you realize that family is so important. I know that my sister is strong and will fight her way back to health. While I am running this last stretch of my first marathon, I will be thinking good thoughts for her. ❤

Mile 25: Team Ragnar. It’s simple. I look up to each and every one of these ladies as athletes and admire many of them (the one’s I have met!) as individuals. I can’t wait ‘til April!


One thought on “Hitting the Links and Dedication Miles

  1. Ahh! I’m not sure where we’ll be perched on the course yet but I’ll let you know – hoping to be somewhere towards the end (maybe mile 25?!)

    See you there!! A fun weekend awaits – work can end any second now, please.

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