Scorpions, Roadtrip Planning & Mile Dedications

Workouts: still doing lots of jump roping and strength training…

 AT least with Thanksgiving gone, it’s now time for Christmas everything. I decorated our little apartment. My favorite decorations are the Rat King which playes “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” because P took my to my first ballet, the Nutcracker, last Christmas, and our advent calendars. Who wouldn’t want to eat their way to Christmas via a chocolate calendar.

 Post decorating I was tired and decided to hit the sack, but first I needed some water. I went out to our kitchen and HOLYOMIGOD a scorpion was waiting to kill me.

 YES. This beast wanted me out.

 Not a chance my friend, P Money came to the rescue with my camera and his shoe.

 Close call…

Woo! Tomorrow P and I leave for Vegas! We will be driving straight from my office to the City of Sin. Dear traffic gods, no hang-ups, please. If all goes well, we could get in at 11pm-ish and have time to hit the town for a little while. Unless I am too tired… man up Ashley.

The Hotel: Rumor Las Vegas

I’ve taken the past week as a rest/taper period, life has been crazy and I’m dealing with a new IT band issue. My old goal was sub 4 hour. My new goal is run this biatch pain free.

I don’t want to say I was injured, because that sounds dramatic . I will say that whatever happened hurt like hell. I have never had a real injury, so resting and taking time off was new. It sucks, I was going crazy. I am going crazy. My leg feels great but I don’t want to try anything until race day.

P bought me these CW-X compression tights to help. He rules and I love him. He just likes my butt in spandex, pervo.

Goals for Sunday:

Run 26.2 without a walk break. I know, I know, lots of people take walk breaks and still run sub 4s blah blah blah. I just want to see if I can do it without stopping. That means double knots for the shoes.

Finish time of Oh eff that y’all. I am not setting myself up for anything. Finish time of 100 hours or less. Yes, that should do.

Attempt to eat an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s post-race without puking.

Stay positive.

Wish me luck!

Dedication Miles:

Mile 20: Max. My best friend since I was 13. A shoulder to cry on in the toughest times and the first person to cheer me on in the best. I have never met someone who has truly believed I can do anything quite like you do. You have been such a role model, a huge part of the reason I made it through college in one piece. On the real you were present for my first 15 miler and your epic dubstep playlist will get me through the “wall” I hope.

Mile 21: Dad. This is the start of new ground for me. At mile 21 I will be on my longest run to date. I’m hoping I feel fabulous because I know you worry about my health and how much I run. You were there to save the day after P and I ran our first half-marathon, as we sat in the rain.  Now, just over a year later we are stepping up our crazy and trying to double that. I can’t say that I’m not hoping you might show up to have a beer with me after.

Miles 22&23: Oma and Opa. My only grandparents. 80 years old and taking 5 mile walks every day. You two are the epitome of healthy and I hope I have your genes. Visiting you in May was so much fun and seeing your relationship after 55+ years is so special. I appreciate everything you have done for me, and the work ethic you have instilled in me.

This is the final countdown! Peace out San Diego, at 5pm tomorrow I’m out!


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