Mile Dedications and the Dreaded IT Band

Monday workout: 6 mile run and 30 min of cardio strength

Tuesday workout: 2.6 miles… and then IT happened…

All through my training I have been working hard, staying injury free and really enjoying myself about 90% of the time. I thought I was training smart.

The last 4 weeks of this plan have been hard. My body wasn’t getting stronger anymore and workouts were harder both mentally and physically. My strength training was the first thing to fall by the wayside. I should have caught myself then and really pulled it in–but I didn’t.

(Yes that is me, and my butt. Sexy, no?)

2 Sundays ago when I ran 20 miles I think I may have overdone it. At mile 16 or so the outside of my left knee started KILLING me. I’d never had this pain before, so I just figured it was my body being pissed off for making it run so far. I thought rest would take care of the issue.

A week later I was still hurting and hurting BAD. I am not someone who likes to “run through the pain”. I always envision myself doing something like that, tearing some horrible ligament and being off my feet for 6+ months. Hopefully my paranoia keeps me healthy (you all think I’m crazy??? Oh well…)

After reading, googling and crying I realized that my IT band is hurting (I didn’t even know what it was until last night). Luckily, Phil’s sister is a Doctor of Physical Therapy so I will be calling her later to figure out the best course of action. She already advised me to ice (I did!) and I found some stretches online that are helping OMG so much. I may have looked like a weirdo stretching at work, but I don’t care.

My concern is that I have been tapering TOO much and that I am going to lose some of my fitness. The added stress from my constant calories in vs. calories out mindset has been a challenge, but I am determined to be healthy for this marathon even if that means I have to aqua jog for the next week and a half.

This week isn’t about me though:

Phil is more than halfway through a 72-hour test that is the first step towards completing his PhD. He has been furiously working away since Monday morning and I have to say, the man is a smarty pants.

More dedication miles, as the marathon is just over a week away!

Mile 15- Mario. I have been friends with M since 3rd grade. He has always inspired me to do everything with a smile, try my hardest and never stop being myself. He knows me better than almost anyone, and met me before I shaved my legs.  That fact alone should tell you that he is a real friend. We encourage each other in all things, shared the same major in college and he taught me that it’s healthy to question my values and ideals and really explore what matters to me.(M if you read this and still have awesome 3rd grade gate program photos around… send them to meeee) ❤

Mile 16- Andrea. I just met A. a few months ago when I started my new job and we hit it off right away. She is a fitness and health nut like I am and our lives have so many parallels it’s creepy. I know that if I’m feeling fat from a carb refeed that A will understand. She is that one friend who will listen to you ramble on about your last run and actually care. I love how dedicated to Paleo, dance and being fit that she is.  She is also an incredibly kind person and took P and I in this year for Thanksgiving since we wouldn’t be able to make it home to our own families. Good friends are rare and I always do my best to treasure mine.


4 thoughts on “Mile Dedications and the Dreaded IT Band

  1. Rest and ice and elevate that knee and IT band!

    And TALK to me about this whole cals in/cals out thing. It’s impossible to attempt to lose weight and train. The thing about the number we set for ourselves, is it’s not the number our BODY has set for ourselves. I have been netting about 1300-1400 calories a day, and I think before I started MFP I was at about 2,000. So, I’m sluggish and tired and have pretty much zero energy. But hey! I’m losing weight.

    I’m also trying to train for my first marathon. Tomorrow I have a 15 mile run. I can barely stand to lift my coffee cup right now though. =/

  2. First, I’m no doc/DPT so this is just my experiences and what have worked for me. 🙂 I’ve been dying from the dreaded IT band injury for the past couple weeks as well. Mine took me out on my last long training run before my first half marathon. (I ran my race on about 1000 advil so I could finish… not recommended!) I’ve been at PT the past couple weeks working on a strengthening/stretching program. They have me working on increasing my core strength and outer hip strength which will hopefully improve my form and help control my stride so that I don’t put that added stress on my itb. I also got some new shoes that has helped TREMENDOUSLY. I don’t know how I lived before foam rolling religiously either. At first, it was murder on my itb but it feels soooo great now. Concentrate more up by your hip and your quad, avoid down by your knee because that will add more stress on your itb where it attaches to your knee. Word on the street is the more it hurts, the more your body needs it. I’ve had to take it slow with my running (low mileage, no back to back running days, and slooooow pace)… which is the worst part. It will get better and stronger though!! Take it easy and let your body get back on track 🙂 Good luck!

  3. I’m so excited you’re doing the mile dedications too! You’re going to rock that marathon!! Just keep icing and stretching and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your IT behaves. I was having weird foot pains last week and I know the feeling of getting WAY freaked out over injuries. It’s like, we have worked SO hard to have an injury stop us so it’s just frustrating but you’ll totally be fine!

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